Sampled named a Service Provider for Olink Proteomics

Sampled1,The Global Integrated Analytical Biorepository, today announced that it has been named a Service Provider for Olink® Proteomics, a leader in Proteomics technology. As a service provider of Olink® Explore technology, Sampled now offers high throughput proteomics services for precise protein biomarker discovery.

The Olink Explore platform represents the cutting edge in highly specific and scalable proteomic technology. Built upon the proprietary Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) that combines high throughput, high-quality protein-level measurements, the platform delivers powerful capabilities for uncovering actionable insights that are key to achieving breakthroughs in disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Sampled will offer services on two Olink Explore platforms: Olink® Explore 3072 and the newly launched Olink® Explore HT. The Olink Explore 3072 can analyze ~3,000 human proteins and concurrently process up to 352 samples with 32 controls. Olink Explore HT enables specific measurement of over 5,300 protein biomarkers using only 2 µL of sample, while increasing sample throughput by 4X and data output by 7X.

The introduction of the Olink Explore HT software simplifies data analysis and streamlines quality control, accelerating the extraction of actionable biological insights. These advancements complement the already comprehensive multi-omics lab services.

“Combining Olink Proteomics with our impressive biorepository capabilities enables not only specific insights on a sample level, but insights that are improved by the statistical power, enhanced reliability and better representation gained through larger, more diverse studies,” said Shareef Nahas, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Sampled.

“We are excited to have Sampled as a service provider of our leading Olink Proteomics platform. Sampled’s mission of delivering superior biobanking to empower transformative health innovation, aligns perfectly with Olink’s goal of creating the most powerful solutions for scientific research,” said Michael Irwin, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Olink. “With the adoption of the Explore HT platform, Sampled can now offer their customers a very unique high-throughput proteomics offering.”

“With this partnership, Sampled furthers its mission to empower researchers with innovative tools for understanding human biology and accelerating the future of healthcare and partnering with our clients to move health innovations forward, faster,” said Robin Grimwood, Chief Executive Officer, Sampled.

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