Rightway Named One of Fast Company’s “Brands That Matter”

Rightway was recognized for the transformative impact of its care navigation and PBM solutions.

Rightway, the healthcare company reinventing care navigation and pharmacy benefits, today announced that it has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Brands That Matter. The list honors brands that have achieved relevance through cultural influence and social engagement, demonstrating purpose beyond the products or services they provide while authentically communicating their missions and ideals. 

To compile the list, Fast Company evaluated brands based on relevancy, cultural influence, ingenuity, and business impact. “The result is a wide-ranging list of honorees that are making their mark on culture and through social impact,” said Brendan Vaughan, Fast Company’s editor-in-chief.

Today, healthcare spending is the second highest item on a company’s PnL. From misaligned incentives to confusing member experiences, the burden of unnecessary spending comes at a very real cost, both to employers and their employees. For patients seeking care, seemingly simple tasks like understanding their benefits, finding the right doctor, or filling their medications have become overwhelmingly complicated and confusing, negatively impacting the health and happiness of employees and the company’s bottom line. 

As the only solution spanning care navigation and pharmacy benefits, Rightway attacks the largest categories of healthcare spending (hospital care, physician and clinical services, and prescription drugs) by pairing members with healthcare experts who guide them through their entire care journey. From the first interaction, Rightway’s care teams piece the system together for members, navigating them through a better healthcare experience across their medical and pharmacy benefits. 

Instead of turning meaningful dialogue into chatbots that ask formulaic questions, Rightway uses experts and clinicians who go through extensive training to serve members. Clinicians are critical in a member’s care journey because they know what questions to ask and what to do with the answers. For instance, when a Rightway member inquired about a severe toothache, their clinical guide uncovered that they were in fact having a stroke and needed to go to the emergency room. 

This same guidance is delivered through Rightway’s pharmacy benefits solution, where Rightway is committed to improving patient health rather than lining its pockets by keeping members on as many high-priced drugs as possible. Since day one, Rightway has stood for empowering its members to navigate this complex system while creating opportunities to fundamentally lower costs for both employers and their employees.

“From our fully-aligned PBM model to the way our care teams work one-on-one with members, our mission is to give our clients and members a seamless, empowered healthcare experience,” says Jordan Feldman, Rightway’s co-founder and CEO. “This honor recognizes how putting members at the center of care brings transformational value to the healthcare system.”

The November issue of Fast Company magazine is available online now and will be on newsstands beginning November 1, 2022.

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