Rinchem Improves Safety Using OneTrack.AI Technology

Rinchem Company, LLC, a global provider of chemical supply chain solutions, is pleased to announce the successful implantation of OneTrack.AI technology, which has already led to significant safety gains across the organization.

“Our partnership with OneTrack.AI has allowed us to take a more proactive approach to safety management,” said Chris Wright, CEO of Rinchem. “At Rinchem, safety is at the forefront of everything we do. We remain committed to investing in technologies that allow us to operate safely and efficiently while delivering the highest level of service to our customers.”

The OneTrack.AI technology is installed on forklifts in Rinchem’s warehouses and uses machine learning and proprietary AI sensors to detect, record, and prevent risky behaviors and accidents. The system factors in safety, productivity, and the skill levels of the technicians operating the forklifts to provide actionable coaching opportunities. The video and telemetry data captured by the forklift-mounted AI sensors are automatically shared with operations leadership who use the information to coach compliance with safety rules and procedures to prevent undesirable practices and incidents.

OneTrack.AI analytics tools provide visibility for leadership to identify trends, root causes, and process improvement opportunities. In the first 6 months since implementation, the OneTrack.AI Solution has had a measurable impact on warehouse operations at Rinchem: overall safety events reduced by 93% including a 95% reduction in unauthorized phone use, 73% reduction in impacts, and 71% reduction in potentially unsafe behaviors such as fast turns. A key component of the OneTrack.AI Solution is the ability to coach on leading indicators to prevent unsafe behaviors before they turn into incidents.

“At OneTrack.AI, we are proud to partner with Rinchem in their efforts to drive ongoing safety improvements,” said Nick Palczynski, Director of Strategic Partnerships at OneTrack.AI. “We understand the importance of safety in the chemical logistics industry, and our technology is designed to help specialized Third-party Logistics Providers like Rinchem improve safety metrics and enhance their safety management. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Rinchem and supporting their commitment to safety.”

Continuous improvement and employee safety are key pillars of Rinchem’s culture and the OneTrack.AI system is an important mechanism to achieve these goals. Rinchem’s commitment to performance optimization systems and practices, customized warehousing operations, and expertise in highly regulated industries and environments, make it an industry leader.

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