Rootines Introduces Products to Market

Previously offered as a beta application on iOS, Rootines, a patient engagement platform is now available commercially. The new Rootines platform includes all new applications on both iOS and Android for parents and caregivers of those with chronic behavioral health and developmental disorders. Complete with a web portal, Rootines provides valuable data and insights to hospitals, therapy centers, and healthcare clinics. 

Leveraging condition tracking and patient reported outcomes along with remote patient monitoring integrations, the platform provides unique insights that support care. Available for sale to hospitals, therapist offices and other clinical institutions, Rootines offers available integration into the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Clinicians can access insights and data through an easy-to-use web portal that delivers the critical information efficiently to match the fast-paced environments of today’s health care facilities.

Built out initially for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Rootines is a platform for Pediatric behavioral health and developmental disorders. Examples of conditions that will follow include ADHD, cerebral palsy and bi-polar disorder.

Improve the patient experience and enhance care with Rootines. Just a few real-world examples of how Rootines can help:

  • Clinicians noted that there was a need to collect weights for some patients who would otherwise need to travel to the hospital for weekly weight check-ins. Solution: Rootines integrated smart scale. (*purchase of scale is extra) Leveraging Rootines available EHR integration, weight data can flow directly to your database.
  • An Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy professional noted that they struggle when changes in medications aren’t communicated. Easy to miss in this hectic world, care team sharing functionality of Rootines solves this problem and delivers the information to the therapist office so they can better plan sessions.
  • Parents and caregivers have noted the difficulty in keeping all the members of a care team updated with the various care plans. Rootines connects the group and allows for the safe, secure sharing of information among the professionals that need to know. Insights on daily trackable items like medication adhearance, sleep and mood are delivered seamlessly to the care team.

Rootines is HIPAA compliant with medical grade security. If you are a hospital, therapy center or other clinical professional and would like pricing or to schedule a demo, please contact us today at

Download the app today on iOS or Android. More information on Rootines and its parent company LLC can be found at  

Heading to the National Council for Mental Wellbeing’s (NATCON22) upcoming conference this April? Rootines will be there! Please stop by our booth to learn more.

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