Solace Behavioral Health selects Core Solutions’ Cx360 EHR

Florida treatment center switches to behavioral health platform for improved support of extensive therapy and techniques

Core Solutions, Inc., (Core) is pleased to announce that Solace Behavioral Health has selected its Cx360 behavioral health electronic health record (EHR) solution. This selection reflects the organization’s ongoing commitment to incorporating cutting-edge solutions that strengthen access to mental health and substance use care and deliver positive outcomes.

Solace is one of the largest behavioral health providers in Florida, offering a wide range of therapies and techniques at its four locations. In addition to traditional behavioral health services, such as psychiatric evaluation, counseling, addiction treatment, intensive outpatient, and detox, Solace offers solutions that help distinguish the organization from other providers. These include multiple ketamine treatments (intravenous and esketamine), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and clozapine for schizophrenia.

Solace switched to Cx360 from a non-behavioral health-focused EHR to gain greater flexibility and access to key capabilities that will support its growth, extensive service offerings, and documentation and reporting requirements. Cx360 is a highly configurable EHR that enables institutions to create workflows specific to individual treatment programs. The innovative platform features a modern, intuitive design that enables users to streamline the capture of data during encounters, deliver evidence-based treatments, and coordinate care.

“As we work to expand Solace’s services and positively impact more lives, the Cx360 platform will help ensure we can do so efficiently and effectively,” says Solace Chief Executive Officer Tanveer Chaudhry, MD. “We take tremendous pride in our multidisciplinary approach to behavioral health that incorporates state-of-the-art treatment modalities. Core Solutions and its Cx360 EHR will further enable our team to leverage targeted interventions that empower clients on their journey to improved health.”

The Core team has worked closely with the Solace team, including Dr. Chaudhry, to configure Cx360 to meet the organization’s documentation and reporting needs, such as those associated with ketamine treatments and TMS. Core will also provide a streamlined interface to support Solace’s reporting of MIPS quality measures.

“Solace has earned a reputation as a behavioral health leader because of its progressive approach to incorporating new technologies that lead to strong client engagement and ultimately better outcomes,” says Core Senior Vice President of Strategy Michael Lardieri, LCSW. “This forward-thinking mindset has contributed to the organization’s impressive growth and put them on a path to sustained success. Core is honored to be selected as Solace’s EHR partner. We look forward to collaborating on ways to make their services even more accessible to those who would benefit from them.”

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