SBT Alliance Hosts Webinar on Germicidal UV Tech for Safer Workplaces

How to ensure businesses understand the do’s, don’ts, and impact of UV technologies when creating safer workplaces

SBT Alliance, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) integration partner, hosted an interactive germicidal lighting and technology webinar on July 22, 2020. This well-timed event pulled together expert speakers to offer attendees the real scoop on germicidal lighting, how SBT Alliance project engineers are approaching this hotly debated technology, and uncovered a real-world application that SBT Alliance recently developed.

“As businesses of all types and sizes continue to develop their response and reopening plans around COVID-19, ultraviolet technologies have gained significant traction among end-user businesses. But knowing the facts are critical. While users can do a quick search on Google and uncover a cornucopia of options, does that mean a business owner should simply purchase a UV light, install it, and presto their facility is now germ-free? No. It doesn’t. And that’s what we worked to uncover in this webinar.” – Jason Samuelian, Director of Sales, SBT Alliance

Key Topics Covered:

  • How businesses ought to approach germicidal lighting and UV technologies
  • How to deploy and control germicidal lighting safely and effectively
  • Whether or not UV technologies can advance regulatory compliance
  • Real-world application of a germicidal UV technology and IoT solution

Post-show attendees will hear from project engineering experts, including:

  • Shane Acernese, Chief Strategy Officer, SBT Alliance
  • Jason Samuelian, Director of Sales, SBT Alliance

Businesses of all sizes and types are encouraged to view the webinar recording where SBT solution engineers explore how they are approaching germicidal lighting to deploy the technology safely and effectively for clients concerned with sterilizing their workplaces.

Post-show attendees will uncover how today’s UV technologies, with the proper precautions, can help foster a healthier work environment for customers, employees, and clients. View webinar >>

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