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SealingTech unveils New 1U and 2U Portable Edge Servers

Sealing Technologies, a Parsons Company (NYSE: PSN) (SealingTech), that provides innovative cybersecurity solutions and services, is excited to announce the launch of two revolutionary products that will transform cyber protection and threat hunting for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community: the SN 5100, a groundbreaking 1U portable edge server, and the SN 7100, an advanced 2U portable edge server. These new solutions mark a significant step forward in SealingTech’s mission to bolster defensive cybersecurity capabilities for their customers given the current threat environment.  

Built on the success of the SN 5000 and SN 7000 series, and enriched with invaluable insights from our users, these servers represent a leap forward in edge computing.

“At SealingTech, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of cybersecurity solutions,” said Ed Sealing, CEO at SealingTech. “This latest release underscores our dedication to innovation and customer-centric design. It empowers organizations to effectively address their most demanding cyber protection and computing challenges while ensuring the highest levels of security and reliability.”

The highly versatile SN 5100 and SN 7100 edge servers offer a range of capabilities for cybersecurity defenders. They can serve as network security sensors and run Intrusion Detection/Prevention Software with ease. Additionally, they function as hypervisors and allow for the deployment of virtual machines to support various mission requirements, including Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR), Forensic Analysis, and Vulnerability Scanning. With substantial computational power at the edge, these systems significantly boost the efficiency of critical operations such as Vulnerability Assessment, Security Monitoring, and Incident Response missions.

The SN 5100 is powered by AMD EPYC 9000 Series Processors, offering an impressive 84 cores and 168 threads. This remarkable advancement from the previous series ensures that even the most demanding edge workloads can run with ease. Measuring 17.35″ L x 13.1″ W x 1.74″H, the SN 5100 offers up to 8TB of onboard NVMe SSD storage, ensuring lightning-fast data access. Additionally, it supports tool-less removable NVMe SSDs for expanded storage options, providing up to 180TB of storage capacity.

The SN 7100, with dimensions of 17.4″ L x 13.3″ W x 3.5″H, strikes a balance between a compact form and robust capabilities. It is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including edge computing, data analytics, AI/ML workloads, and more. Also equipped with AMD EPYC 9000 Series Processors, the SN 7100 boasts a staggering 128 cores and 256 threads. This represents a substantial leap forward by doubling the SN 7000’s processing power, which had a maximum of just 64 cores. The SN 7100 provides up to 600TB of tool-less removable NVMe storage.

Cyber defenders leveraging the SN 5100 or SN 7100 can expect a 200% improvement in Packet Capture (PCAP) data and network metadata capture when compared to previous generation systems. This substantial advancement empowers SealingTech’s customers to effectively address the challenges posed by expansive networks operating at speeds exceeding 100Gbps. By seamlessly integrating the SN 5100 and SN 7100 into these fly-away kits, SealingTech equips its customers with a forward-looking, future-proof solution. As networks continue to expand, workloads grow, and computational demands surge, the SN 5100 and SN 7100, equipped with PCIe Gen5 technology, stand prepared to meet the ever-increasing demands of the cyber defense landscape.

SealingTech welcomes inquiries from organizations both inside and outside the defense industry seeking to enhance their computing capabilities with its cutting-edge technology. For more, visit

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