SetSail Debuts New AI-powered Solutions to Unlock More Revenue

Silicon Valley Startup Combines Data and Behavioral Science To Motivate Salespeople To Take the Small Steps that Lead To Big Deals

SetSail, the AI-powered micro-incentives platform for sales, will unveil multiple new product features on Thursday, April 8, 2021, at the company’s first annual SetSail Voyage virtual conference. New SetSail features include a signal-based coaching app; smart milestone signals to help reps accelerate revenue; and data automation tailored to the way reps use their CRM.

“The world of work has changed in the past year, and the ‘new normal’ requires a new way of selling,” said Haggai Levi, CEO of SetSail. “To be successful today, sales teams must embrace data, signals and storytelling. This is where SetSail comes in – providing sales teams with the information they need to take the small steps that lead to closing big deals.”

Founded in 2018 by former Google machine learning experts, SetSail uses AI to identify the buying signals needed to close a deal. The platform then converts these signals into recommendations for sales reps and presents them with micro-rewards (e.g. monetary rewards and recognitions) for following the best path of action and building good selling habits.

New features being unveiled at SetSail Voyage include:

  • SetSail Track: With no war rooms and face-to-face coaching, managers need new kinds of tools to guide reps. SetSail Track is an intelligent coaching app that enables managers to see all the signals that predict a rep might fall behind, and coach them based on leading indicators instead of lagging-activity KPIs.
  • Deal Progression Signals: Milestones, such as receiving an NDA or reaching the right threshold of contacts, are the lifeblood of deals. SetSail’s milestone signals are served to reps at just the right moment, increasing their chances of closing deals.
  • Adaptive Capture of Sales Interactions: Every sales organization is unique, with different products, workflows and approaches to CRM. As such, data is only relevant to a sales organization if the logging algorithm fits like a glove. With Adaptive Capture, SetSail maps contacts and activities to records based on a sales team’s specific Salesforce setup and process, as well as users’ roles and workflows.

In addition to highlighting these new features, SetSail is addressing multiple sales topics in its inaugural virtual event, including Challenges of the New Normal, How to Build a Foundation of Data and Buying Signals, How to Use Incentives to Motivate Reps at Scale and How Signals Empower Managers to Become Better Leaders. In addition, keynote speaker and former Pixar storyteller Matthew Luhn will discuss how to use Pixar’s storytelling principles to ace sales pitches and close more deals.

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