Edge Computing

Simply NUC® Unveils BMC-Enabled extremeEDGE™ Servers

Simply NUC launches a new class of products designed to revolutionize computing at the edge.

Simply NUC, a global leading provider of customized PC solutions, proudly announced its most ambitious product launch to date: BMC-Enabled extremeEDGE Servers™. Representing a massive leap in edge computing technology, the new product family of servers are positioned to reshape how businesses manage and process data in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Traditional servers are bulky, expensive, and inefficient for edge computing applications. However, extremeEDGE Servers revolutionize this paradigm. Equipped with NANO-BMC technology, the product line offers server-like manageability in ultra-efficient compute nodes, resulting in enhanced energy efficiency by “right-sizing” hardware for specific workloads. Integrating AI inference at the edge enables machine learning directly at the source, reducing costs, machine power, network latency, and bandwidth usage compared to cloud-based solutions.

“Today marks a monumental milestone for Simply NUC as we launch our BMC-Enabled extremeEDGE Servers,” said Jonny Smith, CEO of Simply NUC. “This is not just a product launch; it’s an affirmation of our commitment to revolutionize the edge computing industry. Our goal is to empower businesses to harness the full potential of edge computing with an affordable, compact, and accessible solution.”

The extremeEDGE lineup offers three series, tailored to specific industry needs:

  • extremeEDGE™ 1000 Series: Ideal for edge applications ranging from IoT gateways to military deployments and featuring Intel N5105 and N100 processors with up to 32GB memory, these series deliver unparalleled versatility and efficiency in demanding environments.
  • extremeEDGE™ 2000 Series: Powered by octa-core AMD Ryzen™ Embedded processors, and up to 96GB memory, this series excels in AI applications, industrial automation, and retail deployments.
  • extremeEDGE™ 3000 Series: Redefining edge possibilities with AMD V3C18I, 7840U, and Pro 8840U processors, up to 96GB memory, and 26TB capacity, this series is perfect for mission-critical deployments in harsh environments.

Launching with an initial offer of eight models with different customization options, Simply NUC empowers customers to choose extremeEDGE Servers™ based on their exact requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in every deployment scenario

For more information about BMC-Enabled extremeEDGE Servers visit edge.simplynuc.com.

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