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Smart Meter Launches Certified SmartPartner Program

Smart Meter, the number one supplier of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions to a rapidly growing nationwide network of SmartPartners, is launching a Certified SmartPartner program to support customers. The Certified SmartPartner program will provide customers with enhanced benefits helping them expand their RPM companies and reduce some of their operating costs by leveraging sales and marketing support services, expedited operations and logistics, public relations, case studies, and more.

Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management companies continue to grow in their importance in transforming healthcare delivery. Research shows that providers and patients are becoming reliant on the benefits of measuring vital signs in the comfort of their homes.

SmartPartners have access to proprietary monitoring devices supporting a range of chronic conditions. These cellular-enabled devices are securely connected to the only Private Data Network for RPM, enabling SmartPartners to deliver the industry’s most patient-friendly home-based monitoring solutions. This means the physicians and care teams using the SmartPartner network can trust that the health data generated by their patients is securely delivered to them in real time, without data security or HIPAA issues.

“SmartPartners are the most innovative and knowledgeable organizations providing critical healthcare technology solutions to care providers,” said Bill Bassett, Smart Meter’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The Certified SmartPartner program is based on the best practices from other technology leaders supporting the growth of their customers. The tools and services available through this program will be an asset in helping our customers continue providing quality healthcare solutions.”

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