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Softeon Has Single Warehouse Management System

Unlike Vendors with Multiple WMS Products, Softeon Warehouse Management System Serves Large, Mid-Level, and Smaller Operations across a Fulfillment Network

Softeon, a global supply chain software provider with the industry’s best record of customer success, offers a powerful, yet highly flexible and scalable Warehouse Management System solution that can meet the needs of diverse distribution center types and complexities across a company’s fulfillment network.

For a variety of reasons, many companies have a mix of facility types and operational complexities within a single network. For example, a retailer may have highly complex and automated distribution centers for store replenishment, separate DCs for ecommerce fulfillment, local logistics facilities for ecommerce orders, as well as stores providing customer fulfillment.

Other companies have sophisticated operations in the US and other home markets, but also much more basic facilities in their international operations.

Third-party logistics companies commonly serve an array of clients, some requiring large facilities with advanced operations, others more mid-level or even smaller facilities to meet specific client requirements.

Traditionally, Warehouse Management System providers have struggled to provide a single solution that works for both large, sophisticated DCs down to much more basic operations.

Many higher-end WMS systems are too complicated to work well in smaller facilities, while WMS providers that serve the smaller and mid-market levels do not have the capabilities needed for larger, more complex operations.

In fact, several leading WMS players have two or more systems to address these different market segments, requiring multiple systems across the network.

Softeon, by contrast, has a proven ability to offer a single WMS solution that works for the full spectrum of distribution operations, including larger, more challenging environments, mid-level facilities, and even very small, basic facilities, including retail store-based fulfillment.

Softeon has proven this ability with a number of companies, including 3PLs with a wide range of operations within their networks. This flexibility stems from Softeon’s robust WMS capabilities that can meet the needs of the most advanced DCs, but with a technical architecture and user interface options that can deliver a solution for much smaller operations as well.

“One size fits all for DCs no longer meets the needs of many shippers today, but Softeon uniquely provides a single WMS solution that works across the full spectrum of distribution operations a given company may have, now or in the future,” said Dan Gilmore, chief marketing officer at Softeon.

Softeon’s powerful, flexible WMS and other supply chain software solutions will be showcased at the upcoming MODEX show in Atlanta from March 28-31, Booth # C7466.

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