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Specright Granted Key Patent for SDM Platform

The patent protects the many-to-many relationship link between specifications, which creates traceability and prevents SKU proliferation, and Specright Network, which enables companies to share specifications with one another

Specright, the leading cloud-based platform for Specification Management, announced today it was granted a patent by the U.S. patent office for its Specification Data Management™ (SDM) platform, based on its spec-first approach to managing critical product and packaging data.

Specright’s now-patented SDM platform enables companies to digitize specifications and link them together to create formulas, bill of materials and more. The patent highlights the SDM platform’s ability to manage many-to-many relationships for specifications. For example, to identify where one ingredient or package may be linked to many finished goods. With this data, companies can easily see how changes at the component level impact their products, which can ensure quality, sustainability and prevent recalls across their supply chain.

“This patent is a significant achievement for Specright, as technology patents today have to meet a higher standard to prove uniqueness than ever before,” said Ayman Shoukry, Speright’s Chief Technology Officer. Shoukry is extremely familiar with the technology patent process, having spent more than 17 years at Microsoft where he was involved in numerous patent efforts. “This patent is the culmination of a four year process, validating the uniqueness of our spec-first approach to product and packaging development, and above all – sustainability tracking and reporting.”

“Legacy systems like ERPs and PLMs struggled with data relationships and mapping, which led to specification duplication and a lack of visibility into how supply chain components were related to different products,” said Matthew Wright, Specright’s founder & CEO. “With today’s focus on supply chain visibility and traceability, the ability to link specifications is critical. This patent solidifies Specright’s position as the leader in the Specification Management space and is further proof of the industry momentum in adopting this important new category of enterprise B2B software.”

The patent also covers Specright Network, which enables brands, suppliers, retailers, and manufacturers to share live, digital specifications with one another. This is crucial, as specification data is often scattered across the value chain, owned and managed by different partners. This is important for companies needing to report on and progress against sustainability goals, as packaging data in particular is typically managed by a company’s suppliers. Specright Network’s propagation of data is a fundamentally different approach to sharing information across supply chain partners. With Specright Network, brands and suppliers can communicate and collaborate in bi-directional way to ensure everyone is on the same page.

The patent also solidifies the company’s position as the leader in Specification Management, a new category of enterprise B2B software that has gained traction in recent years. Leading packaging programs like Michigan State University, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin-Stout, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo are teaching students the importance of Specification Management and are actively teaching Specright in the classroom.

Both Shoukry and Wright were named on the patent, which took four years to be approved. According to Shourky, a lot has changed since then. “There are over 1.9 million finished goods on the Specright platform today,” Shoukry added. “We’re excited to keep growing the Specright platform and continue on our mission to help people and companies make amazing, sustainable things.”

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