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Strike Graph Offers Security Audits In New integrated Solution

TrustOperation Software Increases Revenue While Saving Customers Time & Resources

Strike Graph, a compliance operation and certification platform, today announces a new integrated solution which allows customers to go through security audits powered by technology at a fraction of the cost and time. This new streamlined offering was made available in 2022 and resulted in over 80% of customers choosing Strike Graph over traditional auditing firms.

“This high adoption rate demonstrates the demand for an all-in-one solution that addresses security compliance and certification needs and we’re thrilled to be able to offer it to our customers,” said Justin Beals, CEO and Co-Founder of Strike Graph.

Many businesses hire one company to design and implement their security program and another firm to complete the audit, which is costly, complicated and tedious for teams. Strike Graph makes the process efficient and simple by providing all the necessary capabilities and technology to go from start to certification. Its platform helps small to midsize companies scope right-sized compliance programs, dynamically adjust controls, and successfully complete and deliver security certifications, like SOC 2 and ISO 27001, through technology-powered audits.

“By integrating assessment and audit capabilities within our technology, we’re now offering a complete TrustOperation platform that increases revenue potential,” continued Beals.

Strike Graph’s new security certification offers:

  • Integration — Conduct your prep and audit right on the same platform. Track your audit results and feedback directly in your control library to streamline your audit experience.
  • Transparency — Verifiable and proven testing methodologies translated by technology into everyday understanding for your entire team.
  • Reassurance — Ensure you’re ready for an audit and can pass with confidence.
  • Convenience, speed & savings — Save time, money and precious resources by using one company to handle everything.

“We partnered with Strike Graph and could not be happier about our experience. We received our certification with no remediations or findings, and a large national prospect began their risk and security assessment of Wellinks shortly after, completing it in just days with no concerns. Strike Graph provided all the necessary tools to implement controls with minimal resources and stick to our aggressive timeline. By the time we were done, the platform had already collected all of our documentation and evidence, so there was no additional effort on our end to prepare and submit,” said Jessica Brewer, Director of Operations at Wellinks.

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