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5 Reasons to Be Passionate about Coding

Computer code can only be interpreted in a single way (logically), but programming is a very creative profession. If you have a passion for coding follow the trail.

It’s been said over and over again, but passion truly drives success—it’s the one thing that turns a mediocre business into an industry titan. Many experienced business leaders believe that their passion for their respective industries is what helped them become true pros in their fields. Unfortunately, founders get so caught up in trying to expand their business that they get pulled away from what drove them to it in the first place. 

Business requires using your head and heart, especially for maneuvering through the inevitable rough patches of entrepreneurship. That’s why founders must take time to reconnect with the foundation of their business. Research shows that an entrepreneur’s passion can positively impact their attitude, behavior, and performance. When I founded my payments software company, Regpack, it was because the business idea perfectly aligned with my passion: coding.

We’re all familiar with the saying, “If you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.” And while it’s a sweet sentiment, it’s not true, not completely. Building a company from the ground up is backbreaking work, but when you’re doing something you genuinely love, you are more likely to want to do it more often—it offers a sense of purpose. My love for coding still resonates with the basics of my daily work, making what I do that much more fulfilling. 

Here are five things I continue to love about coding:

#1 It Is Usable Art

Art is usually defined as a piece of work left open to interpretation to mean different things to different people. Computer code can only be interpreted in a single way (logically), but programming is a very creative profession.

Coding is one of the few creative outlets that results in interactive works. Nothing is more exciting than producing creations people can interact and work with, use, and touch. Like architecture, coding is aesthetically beautiful, characterized by the programmer’s individual style. On a deeper level, it is an art form that uses lines of code to create a beautiful end product—it’s logic-based creativity.

#2 It Is a Team Effort

There is a massive online community of like-minded programmers that share their experiences and knowledge, helping each other continue to grow and improve. Aside from the community, working as a developer actually involves a great deal of interaction with others across the business. There will be a whole team of people working on the same project, from account managers and support teams to QA specialists, designers, and even users.

Code will touch every person in the organization, making each other communicate in some way or another.

#3 It Makes a Difference in People’s Lives

Whether the impact is minor or significant, building something through code that saves people time and prevents them from doing tedious tasks can change someone’s entire life. A simple solution can give them more time to spend with their kids or friends, think up new ideas, or just relax. It’s an amazing feeling to know you had a hand in improving someone’s day. 

#4 It Can Turn Thoughts into Reality

Programming is creating. It allows something new to come into existence—taking a mental image and giving it form in the real world. Unlike physics, where everything has its limits, coding knows no barriers. When creating your project, you don’t need to think about the materials and what will happen in a few years because you are the mastermind behind what exists and what doesn’t—if coding is magic, you’re the wizard. After you’ve thought it up, all you need to do is write it and watch your creation come to life. 

#5 It’s Fun

It’s the sheer joy of creating new things out of nowhere, and the more you learn, the more confident you become in knowing that you can solve any problem that arises. The sense of accomplishment when solving a really complicated problem cannot be beaten!

Dedication to maintaining your passions as a business leader is an essential factor for running your company. If it has taught me anything, it’s that infusing your personal passions into the foundation of your business not only leads to a more successful career but also to a more impactful one. There are so many things to love about coding, both from a technical and philosophical perspective. You can sharpen your mind, rewire your brain, and provide people with great software. The options and impact are nearly endless!

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