ThoroughCare to expand EHR access with Azalea Health

Azalea Health Integration Expands ThoroughCare’s Care Management Capabilities

ThoroughCare continues to move forward with innovative software solutions for patient care by announcing a new initiative to expand electronic health record (EHR) access through a partnership with Azalea Health. Azalea Health provides cloud-based healthcare software that enhances ThoroughCare’s digital care coordination capabilities to health clinics and physicians utilizing Azalea’s EHR.

“Information is a key component healthcare professionals need in order to provide efficient care to their patients,” said Dan Godla, Founder & CEO of ThoroughCare. “Thanks to Azalea Health, more information will be readily available to doctors. A more comprehensive data view can help ensure patients receive proactive, actionable care, throughout their care journey.”

Electronic health record integration can help streamline care coordination efforts between providers and patients. By improving the ease of access to a patient’s medical records, healthcare providers can utilize inclusive patient data for the next best actions. ThoroughCare’s partnership with Azalea enables clinicians to import critical patient health information from Azalea into their care coordination platform, including demographics, diagnosis codes, allergies, lab results, medications, & vitals. Additionally, ThoroughCare’s patient care plan can be uploaded into their corresponding Azalea EHR, for consistent patient details across systems.

“At Azalea Health, we aim to provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need to make the critical work they do easier to manage,” said Baha Zeidan, CEO of Azalea Health. “We look forward to our partnership with ThoroughCare enhancing the care patients receive by giving healthcare providers more comprehensive patient data within their electronic health records.”

ThoroughCare, Inc., an integrated care coordination software platform, has helped healthcare providers overcome healthcare challenges through intuitive software solutions for streamlined patient care. To discover how your healthcare organization can partner with ThoroughCare, contact a representative by visiting

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