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ThreatResponder performs Near-Perfect in Testing, Stops 98% Attacks

Advanced Cyber Resilient Endpoint Platform Delivers Superior Protection Against Evolving Business Threats

NetSecurity Corporation, a leader in endpoint security solutions, today announced impressive results from independent testing of its ThreatResponder® platform. Conducted by AV-Comparatives, a recognized third-party anti-virus and security software testing firm, the evaluation revealed ThreatResponder’s ability to detect and neutralize a staggering 98% malware protection rate in the Business Malware Protection Test.

“In today’s escalating threat landscape, choosing the right endpoint security solution is critical,” says Inno Eroraha, Founder and CEO of NetSecurity. “Wrong choices can leave businesses vulnerable to devastating attacks. These independent test results from AV-Comparatives provide objective validation of ThreatResponder’s effectiveness.”

ThreatResponder’s near-perfect performance underscores its robust capabilities. The platform utilizes a multi-layered approach, combining machine learning, threat intelligence, behavior-based analysis, and custom rules to identify and stop even the most sophisticated attacks that traditional security solutions may miss.

“The AV-Comparatives Cybersecurity Enterprise Test Series is designed to simulate a complex threat environment that enterprises face daily. Our analysis of NetSecurity’s ThreatResponder® platform focused on the solution’s effectiveness, performance impact, and the accuracy of its threat-identification algorithms. Our commitment to unbiased testing ensures that organizations have access to reliable, meticulously researched information that supports them in making informed security decisions in a landscape where the right defense can be pivotal,” says Andreas Clementi, Founder and CEO of AV-Comparatives.

NetSecurity recognizes the importance of independent testing in building customer trust. By collaborating with AV-Comparatives, a trusted industry leader, NetSecurity empowers potential buyers to make informed decisions based on objective and verifiable data.

ThreatResponder is an all-in-one cloud-native and AI-powered cyber resilient endpoint innovation built with capabilities including threat detection, prevention, response, analytics, hunting, intelligence, forensics, identity threat detection and response, vulnerability detection, and insider threat monitoring. With only a lightweight agent and one single pane of glass, you can predict, neutralize, and forensically-investigate suspicious activities in your enterprise, endpoints, cloud workloads, and data.

AV-Comparatives results: 

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