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Upland Qvidian AI Assist Boosts Proposal & Response process with Gen AI

Upland Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: UPLD), a leader in cloud-based tools for digital transformation, today announced that Upland Qvidian continues to enhance the response and proposal process with its new generative AI model, Qvidian AI Assist. A leader in the RFP and proposal automation industry, Qvidian is dedicated to helping teams easily uncover the right responses and quickly create stand-out proposals and RFx responses with this beta release of powerful generative AI features.

“At Upland Qvidian, we’re dedicated to building powerful generative AI tools that our users need to personalize their proposals,” said Shawn Freligh, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Content Lifecycle Automation solutions at Upland. “Our goal is to create generative AI tools that enhance our users’ productivity. Qvidian AI Assist is the first step in providing our customers with new ways to quickly deliver consistent, compliant, and responsive proposals and responses that are critical to winning business.”

Qvidian AI Assist builds on the already powerful machine-learning features of Qvidian to enhance users’ experiences, streamline processes, and supercharge their productivity. New generative AI features introduced for Qvidian’s users include:

  • Enhancing AutoFill results with generative AI: Automatic answering is at the heart of Qvidian’s automation efforts. Qvidian AI Assist automatically analyzes the context of proposals and responses, generating relevant content suggestions. Users can easily see these new AI-generated responses listed in AutoFill results and insert them into their proposal or response.
  • Easily revising and answering with generative AI: Users can quickly get a jumpstart on content creation or customization to fit customer’s needs and preferences. With generative AI, users can tweak and fine-tune wording, incorporate additional information, and effortlessly revise and refine answers.
  • Improving accuracy and consistency with automatic flagging of AI-generated content: Qvidian AI Assist automatically flags any AI-generated content to ensure that users are delivering consistent and compliant responses.
  • Getting started faster with pre-made generative AI prompts: Qvidian AI Assist comes preloaded with prompted guidance and suggestions to help users revise content in a variety of ways. Additionally, users can enter their own prompts, save them to reuse later, and share with other users and roles.

Upland is committed to building features that keep data isolated, tracked, and secure. Qvidian AI Assist is one of multiple generative artificial intelligence initiatives that Upland’s AI Council is implementing across its product stack. “As the security landscape continues to evolve, Upland is committed to staying ahead of threats with a dedicated security and compliance team, year-round live monitoring and reporting, and proactive risk assessments and coordinated threat responses,” said Dan Doman, Chief Product Officer at Upland Software. “With all our generative AI tools and integrations, we have implemented an AI Council and practice a data-isolation and non-training policy. Information passed into or returned from generative AI models is never used to train those models. This prevents unintentional incorporation of sensitive or private data.”

With Qvidian AI Assist, Qvidian continues its 40+ year trend of staying on the cutting-edge of the response proposal automation industry, giving businesses the tools and features they need to generate unique and customized responses in seconds, improving productivity and winning more business.

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