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Top 5 Digital Patient Engagement Platforms You Should Know in 2023

Technology has transformed the face of the healthcare world, giving professionals a space to not just deliver care but personalize it.

Technology has changed the way people live and perform their daily tasks. Like wildfire, it has spread across every industry, and every segment and healthcare is no exception. With this, we can see the rise in the need for patients to say digitally engaged with their healthcare providers. It will help patients gain control over their own care from anywhere and everywhere. 

So before moving on the platforms let’s look at some of the benefits of patient engagement tools:

  1. Upcoming Appointment Reminders
  2. Seamless Scheduling 
  3. Holiday and Birthday e-cards
  4. Two-way communication
  5. Collecting Patient feedback and services
  6. Improve Patient Retention
  7. Patient Monitoring

Given the above benefits, a digital patient engagement platform helps develop a healthy engagement between the patient and the healthcare provider and relaxes the tedious and hard healthcare process. So let’s move further and shortlist the top digital patient platforms.

  1. NextGen Office

Just like its name suggests, NextGen Office offers next-generation clinical solutions. It is an award-winning patient engagement software that not only offers patient engagement but also cloud-based EHR, practice management, and revenue cycle management. It has been known to provide an all-in-one solution for almost every clinical practice. 

The top features of it are online scheduling, appointment reminders, telehealth visits to message a doctor, reviewing the medical record, and scheduling appointments. Some of the limitations of this platform are that it does not have care plan management and it is a little complex to understand.  

  1. athenaOne

It is very much known that athenaOne has got one of the best self-service engagement tools and enhanced communication resources available. This makes it one of the most utilized patient engagement software. In simple words, it lets one focus on the patient rather than the complex clinical workflows, hence, reducing the amount of time and effort spent by clinical teams.

The top features of athenaOne are easy access to health records, an easy payment gateway, automated and self-scheduling appointments, and direct chat with the concerned doctor. Some of the restrictions faced vary from no free version and free trial to easy navigation but not usability and not allowed to create duplicate checklists. 

  1. Mend

Mend whole and soul focus is on patient engagement solutions. According to reports it has 98.3 percent engagement, 99.85 percent video connection, and single-digit no-show rates. It offers this digital platform to medium and large-scale healthcare providers that have a team of at least 11 plus care providers. 

Some of the top features of this platform include a patient intake platform, automated patient payments, seamless EHR/PMS integrations, patient appointment reminders, and many more. While there are a couple of limitations that are keeping track of outreach messages a little difficult and there is no detailed option for configuration. 

  1. PracticeFusion

Unlike Mend whose entire focus is on patient engagement; PraticeFusion does not limit itself to patient engagement but has also come up with EHR solutions for independent practices.Using its best patient engagement software one can easily lower the costlier and time-consuming patient no-show while also cutting down the staff time spent on mobile.

Some of the top features of PracticeFusion are it can be accessed from any device, there are patient intake forms, it allows customized appointment reminders, it is seamlessly integrated with EHR, and has a user-friendly interface. On the other hand, PracticeFusion has a few limitations. It has fewer customization options, and it is not suitable for small practices due to its high pricing rate.

  1. PrognoCIS

PrognoCIS offers 360-degree clinical solutions in one place as per meaningful requirements, hence it is also known to be one of the best patient engagement software companies. In the fact, it is also ranked in the top ten cloud-based EHR by KLAS. 

With multiple top features from secure messaging, a patient portal, and appointment scheduling, to telemedicine solutions and online patient payments, PrognoCIS has it all. There come a few limitations like the scheduling feature being a bit complex and the prices being too high. 

Wrapping Up

So moving on let us conclude with the top FAQs from healthcare providers

Q1. Why are patient engagement solutions important?

A) To answer this in one sentence- it plays a very important role to improve patients’ care experience which is a crucial factor for healthcare practitioners.

Q2. What are the best patient engagement practices to consider before opting for a solution?

A)The deeper the knowledge of patient engagement solutions the better it is to choose one. Lets us list down a few best practices below:

  • Automate appointment reminders
  • Offer self-scheduling to patients (it gives convenience)
  • Pre-appointment activities
  • Provide a virtual waiting room
  • Real-time conversation via chat
  • Collect patient feedback
  • Generate more online reviews

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