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Transcosmos Partners with dbE to Bring its NLP Tech to Pharma

transcosmos inc. hereby announces that the company has signed a partnership agreement with dbE., Inc. (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan). With this new partnership, transcosmos will begin offering “rodanius for Pharma,” their innovative solution designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry where an extensive amount of visual inspection tasks remain the norm. The solution helps pharmaceutical companies readily detect discrepancies between the master document and a GMP inspection application form, streamline inspection process, and prevent dependency on personal skills and human errors.

About document matching & true-false judgement technologies
“rodanius for Pharma” is a solution that detects writing mistakes, missing or omission of words, and information errors owing to differences in used units and expressions between the two differing types of documents with the use of natural language processing (NLP) technology. A series of master documents developed during drug manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical industry contain as many as hundreds of pages, and describe the manufacturing process in detail whereas the application form only contains a brief summary of the main points. Due to the huge difference in information volume each document contains, it has been quite a challenge to find errors in the application form with the traditionally available NLP technology.

“rodanius framework,” an analytics platform developed by dbE is equipped with various existing analytics technologies (document vectorization methods: word2vec doc2vec, TF/IDF, LSA, LDA, BERT and more, judgement methods: z-score, sine transformation, regression, random forest, SVM, naive bayes, deep learning and more) as well as dbE’s proprietary AI which is equipped with knowledge to automatically configure the best combination of algorithms for the creation of structured documents, vectorization and judgement according to the data being used. The solution enabled the pharmaceutical companies to suitably combine logics that have not been used traditionally in NLP, and algorithms that are not generally used, thereby conducting an ideal analysis. Ultimately, the solution helped the industry identify any discrepancy in the two different documents that were otherwise difficult owing to the enormous difference in information volume.

dbE has already conducted proof-of-concept (POC) of “rodanius for Pharma” with many major pharmaceutical companies using the companies’ real documents used in their drag manufacturing process. The solution has received high praise for its high level of accuracy that can be fully utilized in their business process. As of today (May 2020), there is no alternative solution to this product in the pharmaceutical industry.

transcosmos and dbE plan to create new industry specific solutions
transcosmos not only sells “rodanius for Pharma” to the pharmaceutical industry but also delivers the solution together with its digital transformation services, thereby solving operational challenges that the industry faces and creating new businesses.

In order to address the changes in, and growing demands for the pharmaceutical industry amid the coronavirus crisis, transcosmos and dbE will offer digital marketing promotions, e-commerce sales and customer support services for consumers.

In partnership with dbE, transcosmos will proactively develop and deliver new services to all industries by making the most of NLP technologies that each company owns. As a first step, the two companies have already kicked off a project to create a solution that auto-generates FAQs based on an enormous amount of manuals.

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