Translated Leading Advances in AI in the Translation Industry

Translated, the international company that pioneered AI-powered professional translation, has been identified by Gartner, a global technological research and consulting firm, as a leading company in a “significant, decades-long, disruption driven by advances in artificial intelligence” in its recent Market Guide for AI-Enabled Translation Service report (more info at

“We have been working on AI-assisted human translation since 1999 and have developed a variety of tools based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to support our translators,” Translated Founder and CEO Marco Trombettisaid.“We are on a mission to allow everyone to understand and be understood in their own language. Experience has taught us there’s no other way to achieve this than the perfect symbiosis between professional translators and machine translation [MT]”.

In its report, Gartner analyzed three main areas of services: machine translation, MT-supported translation, and translation management systems. The research highlights that “advances in AI are enabling a broad range of new translation use cases and enhancing existing ones, enabling outcomes that were previously not possible due to cost or delays.” But “enterprises are generally not aware of emerging AI-enabled translation use cases.” According to the research, early adopters started using AI-enabled translation services around 2020. Mainstream adopters will follow approximately five years from now.

In the area of machine translation, Translated is present with ModernMT, a patented adaptive neural machine translation inspired by the human brain. It learns from translators’ corrections and translation memories and adapts to the context in real time. ModernMT was named a Cool Vendor in the 2019 Gartner Cool Vendors™ list for Speech and Natural Language, and it was the first-ever neural adaptive MT company to make the list. It has also consistently been included among the top three MTs for generic models by Intento in its latest reports on “The State of Machine Translation.”

When it comes to AI-powered translation, Translated has a family of AI-powered and web-based products that take care of redundant tasks to increase translators’ productivity and let them focus on the creative part of the job: Matecat (for any kind of text), Matesub (captioning and subtitling), and Matedub (dubbing).

Translated directly connects clients with translators through a hyper-scalable and fully managed enterprise translation management system,TranslationOS, which provides all of its services. The platform’s customizable dashboards allow access to all the relevant KPIs, including financial projections, quality performance, and linguist profiles.

By combining the power of AI with its network of 300,000+ vetted, native-speaking professional translators, Translated gives its clients scalable solutions for better-quality and faster translations. As a single global provider for professional translators, MT, and software, Translated partners with enterprises, growing businesses, and SMEs to co-design the entire localization process, optimize costs, and maximize ROI.

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