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Triangle Software Launches Product to Simplify RightAngle Reporting

Developed for daily and report-only users alike, Triangle expands its suite of complementary tools for RightAngle

Triangle Software, a leading provider of complementary software solutions for RightAngle, announced today the launch of a new product for all RightAngle users. Triangle’s latest innovative tool, X-RA, enables users to quickly access and view business data for quicker analysis and faster decision making.

With today’s competitive markets, positions, and market data changing rapidly, companies leveraging CTRM solutions like RightAngle need the ability to simplify the reporting and analysis process. X-RA is an Excel add-in that allows users to leverage a tool with which they are already familiar. X-RA is lightweight and seamlessly connects the complexity of RightAngle reporting with the simplicity of Excel data management, business analysis, and performance reporting. It allows traders, schedulers, accountants, risk analysts and others to run their RightAngle reports quickly and accurately from Excel via X-RA and manipulate the retrieved data to whatever format is needed.

“We have seen customers consistently struggle with extracting data from RightAngle for years,” said Sterling Carmean, Triangle Software Managing Partner. “X-RA allows users to retrieve live RightAngle reports from within Excel and then build graphs, charts, and pivot tables that automatically update. The era of copy/pasting from RightAngle to Excel and throwing away each day’s work is now over. X-RA makes data retrieval and analysis easier than ever.”

X-RA isn’t just a win for daily RightAngle users, it also aligns with Triangle’s goal to lower the total cost of ownership for RightAngle customers. Occasional or read-only RightAngle users can now forgo purchasing full licenses because X-RA provides access to reporting data without being assigned a RightAngle license. Organizations can now better manage their RightAngle costs and maximize their investment dollars, by only purchasing full RightAngle licenses for users who access the system daily and purchasing X-RA for report-only users who just use the system periodically.

“When Triangle came to us vetting the idea of X-RA, we immediately saw the value this could bring to our users and wanted to support Triangle’s innovation,” said Jeph McAlester, Senior Business Systems Manager, Musket Corporation and Triangle beta partner. “X-RA is simple to use. It allows us to share live data across our organization while also saving money with its affordable price point. We have only touched the surface in extracting value from Triangle’s solution and are eager to extend its value to many more of our business partners who often ask our IT teams to architect a data and analytics solution that usually requires a high level of overhead. In an era when the demand for analytics is at an all-time high, the X-RA solution makes our operational data more accessible at a lower cost while also optimizing our business processes.”

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