Digital Transformation

U-Haul Speeds Its Digital Transformation with Dynatrace

Do-it-yourself moving leader turns pandemic challenge into opportunity with Dynatrace user-experience and digital business analytics

Software intelligence company Dynatrace (NYSE: DT) today announced U-Haul, the world’s largest do-it-yourself moving and self-storage company, is using the Dynatrace® platform to speed its digital transformation. In response to the pandemic, U-Haul teams needed to react quickly and develop new digital services, including mobile and web-based applications to enable contactless reservations and pick up of moving equipment. With the Dynatrace® Software Intelligence platform, including its Applications and Microservices, Digital Experience, and Business Analytics Modules, the teams gained precise, real-time insights about critical KPIs, such as feature adoption, conversion rates, and user abandonment. This has enabled them to improve user journeys, shorten development cycles, and accelerate the impact of their efforts on the business.

“Moving is stressful enough, and our digital services need to make it as easy as possible for our customers to manage their moves,” said Brian Rutherford, Director of Software Development at U-Haul. “Dynatrace is one of the best solutions we’ve ever deployed, because it gives us the precise, data-backed information we need to understand how our customers interact with our apps, and how these interactions impact the business. Insights from Dynatrace help our team discover new services and features we need to develop to meet our customers’ needs. They also ensure we stay focused on activities that deliver maximum value for our company.”

With the Dynatrace® platform’s Digital Experience Module, teams at U-Haul now understand precisely how their customers are using new features, which helps them proactively optimize user journeys for better conversion rates and higher revenue. Dynatrace automatically connects this user data with application, infrastructure, and log data, enabling the U-Haul team to understand all dependencies, anomalies, and degradations across their entire, dynamic cloud environment. This advanced level of observability, with everything connected and in context – from a tap, click, or swipe, through to back-end, hybrid services – allows the teams to improve code quality, accelerate new feature adoption, and shorten development cycles quickly and easily.

With AIOps capabilities built into the core of the platform through Dynatrace’s AI engine Davis®, anomalies in application performance or user behavior are automatically flagged and prioritized based on business impact, which eliminates the guesswork often associated with other less precise AIOps approaches.

“Dynatrace has allowed us to move away from a ‘war room-mentality’, where we were on call and meeting at any hour of the day to troubleshoot problems,” continued Rutherford. “The Dynatrace platform’s Session Replay capability is like having an instant focus group with all our customers, across 22,000 locations. The proactive assistance to improve our customers’ experience, and the insights we gain from this, are tremendously helpful, not just for IT and development, but for our executive management as well. I can confidently say U-Haul is coming out of the pandemic stronger than ever, in part because of the way Dynatrace has fundamentally changed how we work, build our applications, and support our customers.”

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