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Unveiling the HPC Future with xFusion at ISC 2024

xFusion Digital Technologies Co., Ltd. (xFusion) dazzled attendees with its top-of-the-range computing products and solutions at the prestigious ISC High Performance 2024 event, hosted at the Congress Center Hamburg in Germany from May 13th to 15th. During the event, xFusion and fellow participants delved into the realms of AI and high performance computing (HPC) to explore their innovative applications and developmental trends, marking a significant convergence of minds and technologies.

Tab Tang , President of the Computing and Expansion at xFusion, delivered a keynote titled “Reinvent HPC in the Era of AI” during the Vendor Roadmap session on the 15th. He illuminated the pivotal role of smart computing in propelling industrial progress, highlighting the cooling challenges arising from high power and computing density, along with sustainability concerns. This necessitates clusters that are not only high-speed and low-latency but also highly reliable and stable. He also emphasized the transformative impact of AI on scientific endeavors, affirming xFusion’s commitment to overcoming these challenges through pioneering software and hardware solutions. With a unified platform for both HPC and AI, xFusion aims to invigorate academic research and reshape the landscape of AI-driven HPC.

This year’s ISC witnessed xFusion’s spotlight on cutting-edge technologies like AI and HPC, presenting computing advancements characterized by openness, intelligence, eco-friendliness, and high-density. This compelling showcase drew attendees eager to delve deeper into these innovations.

At the event, xFusion proudly introduced FusionPoD for AI, a revolutionary rack-scale liquid-cooling cabinet poised to redefine computing paradigms. With its open architecture and support for diverse computing capabilities, FusionPoD for AI integrates groundbreaking architectural, software, and algorithmic innovations. It offers a fresh perspective by embracing multiple ecosystems, diversity, and low-carbon solutions to cater to the demanding requirements of AI large models and other HPC scenarios. This remarkable product delivers an unparalleled computing density of 64 GPUs and features a 100% liquid cooling native design with an impressively low pPUE of 1.06. xFusion also introduced the AI Space accelerator to both partners and customers, promising to expedite their AI application development and deployment.

xFusion stole the spotlight at ISC 2024 by showcasing its FusionOne HPC solution tailored for diverse HPC applications in education, scientific research, and manufacturing simulation. This state-of-the-art offering boasts adaptive characteristics, ensuring efficient, secure, reliable, and easily manageable operations. Notably, FusionOne HPC has already made waves with its deployment in the Weiming No. 2 Cluster at Peking University in 2023. This implementation has addressed the diverse needs of various disciplines, facilitating large-scale data processing and scientific computing while simultaneously reducing power consumption and fostering green research initiatives.

Beyond technological excellence, xFusion leads the charge in delivering comprehensive global business support through its dedicated team, bolstering remote O&M, cluster systems, and open architectural frameworks. Collaborating closely with partners, xFusion drives continuous innovation, fostering a thriving and sustainable HPC ecosystem. The current partnership with Bank Neo Commerce (BNC) in Indonesia marks a pivotal step in revolutionizing digital banking services. By offering agile, secure, and scalable digital infrastructure, xFusion empowers BNC to handle increasing transaction volumes and enhance customer interactions, fueling ongoing innovation and development in local digital banking services. FusionOnline, xFusion’s remote intelligent O&M platform, is facilitating remote O&M in Europe, streamlining maintenance efforts while ensuring the long-term stability of user services.

Guided by the vision and mission of “Let Computing Serve You Better”, xFusion has expanded its reach to over 100 countries and regions, cementing its status as a premier provider of computing infrastructures and services globally.

Looking to the future, xFusion remains optimistic about the potential of HPC to revolutionize industries and drive transformative innovation. In the era of AI, our ongoing contributions to the advancement of HPC underscore our commitment to shaping a brighter, more efficient, and interconnected world powered by our top-notch computing products and solutions.

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