ValleyML AI Expo Series Sept 21-Nov 19 to Cover Robotics, Hardware

AI Expo, a virtual and global series of 90-minute talks and discussions on key topics in AI Enterprise, AI Robotics, and AI Hardware from Sept 21st to Nov 19th on Mondays-Thursdays. Attendees can see the program and register for limited number of “Early-Bird” tickets, for all 9 weeks of the program for just $90.

ValleyML, a volunteer-driven cross-industry community for advancing AI to empower people, today announced the program for AI Expo, a virtual and global series of 90-minute talks and discussions on key topics in AI Enterprise, AI Robotics, and AI Hardware from Sept 21st to Nov 19th on Mondays-Thursdays. Attendees can see the program and register for limited number of “Early-Bird” tickets, for all 9 weeks of the program for just $90. Dell is a Platinum sponsor and Graphcore is a Gold sponsor. With a global outreach of close to 200,000 professionals in AI and Machine Learning, there’s enormous value for Sponsored Demo’s and Presentations; but while time is running out, sponsors can still connect via this page.

Together, Mr. David Wyatt (CTO, Pixel Display), the AI Hardware Conference Chair and “AI Hardware at the Edge” Track Chair. And Mr. George Williams (Director GSI Technology), AI Hardware Conference Chair. Along with Mr. Bill Orner (Director, Esperanto Technologies), the “AI Accelerators” Track Chair. And Mr. Sharif Zadeh (President, AI Technologies), the “Future of AI Hardware Track” Chair, have developed the program for AI Hardware conference.

According to Mr. David Wyatt, a previous Distinguished Engineer of NVIDIA and a prolific innovator with more than 116 issued US patents: “As Chair for the AI Hardware program, it’s a pleasure to be helping a hardware-focused Conference from Silicon Valley. We have an amazing line-up of Keynote speakers, including: Walden’s LipBu Tan, Cerebras, Graphcore’s Michael James, Hitachi, Sandia Labs’ Dr. Amione, NVIDIA’s Bill Daly, Intel Movidius, RAIN’s Gordon Wilson, and IEEE CASS Past President Prof. Franco Maloberti. Representing leading thinkers, and doers, advancing AI Hardware from the Valley, and beyond. There are vertically-focused tracks on AI Accelerators, Edge/Low-Power AI, and Future AI. We’re taking time to dive deeper, into each major segment. Most rewarding is opening eyes and minds to the leading-edge of innovation (rather than just the pandemic, day-in and day-out), we’re bringing AI technology horizons within nearer reach, giving everyone everywhere in the world a closer look, thanks to online virtual conferencing.” 

According to Mr. Marc Mar-Yohana, Chair for both AI Enterprise Conference and AI Robotics Conference, whose work as Vice President of Global Program Management at UL involves exploring exciting new business models enabled through AI, NLP, and IoT: “We are excited to host an all virtual, live AI Enterprise Expo. The expo will focus on practical applications of AI in industries, enhancing existing operating models through AI process automation, and talks on what future enterprises may look like through lens of AI. Our expert speakers and panelists include colleagues from Poly, IBM, Dell, Procter & Gamble, Service Now, and Data 360 Solutions.”

“In the AI Robotics Expo, we will explore the fascinating topic of robot-human interaction. This is followed by a deep dive into enabling robotic systems.  We will wrap up with discussion on the inspiration of robotic forms. Our guests for this expo include colleagues from Nissan, Aurora, RoboKind, Covariant, Soar Robotics, and the Small Robot Company.”


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