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Vantagepoint AI Publishes Weekly “Stock Study”

Each week a different stock is reviewed along with a display of the patented, predictive forecasts by VantagePoint software’s A.I.

Vantagepoint AI was the first company in the world to give independent traders the power of artificial intelligence for their home computers.  Company founder, Louis Mendelsohn, rocked the financial trading world when he introduced his strategy back-testing using artificial intelligence. His patented processes are the foundation of VantagePoint software.

Mendelsohn’s software introduction literally helped create the FinTech industry. Today his son, Lane Mendelsohn, carries the torch as President of Vantagepoint AI. The company’s trend forecasting software gives independent traders an edge in the markets with reliable, accurate, predictive technical analysis.

Weekly Stock Studies on the Vantagepoint website are intended to empower traders and help them see how artificial intelligence is transforming the way we trade. Along with standard chart analysis based on past data, the Stock Studies also show traders how predictive forecasts perform up to 1-3 days in advance with a blue line on the charts. That blue line is what separates VantagePoint from the rest of the field.

“Most products rely on lagging data.  We call that driving down the freeway at 100 mph with your windshield blacked out, trying to navigate using your rearview mirror,” noted Lane Mendelsohn. He points out, “The exposure of risk to your capital and the opportunity for disaster are high!  VantagePoint lets traders mitigate their risk, protect their hard-earned monies, and find opportunities for growth… all with up to 87.4% accuracy.”

Visit the Vantagepoint Stock Study page or join in a free, live online training to see A.I. in action.

“Throughout 2020 we heard over and over again from our traders about how important the information from VantagePoint was to them.  They were able to set their stop losses, mitigate their risk, protect their capital, and find opportunities for impressive growth especially with swing trading where volatility can be a trading success secret,” added Mendelsohn.

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