Verify Global Releases Software Solution for Criticality Of SCRM


Verify has launched its new Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) solution to market. The web-based software as a service is a multi-attribute risk assessment solution that provides objective granular visibility throughout the tiers of any complex supply chain and allows strategic global imaging. With simplicity in mind, the Verify solution is configurable to the needs of customers in assessing and managing risk throughout the global supply chain. Capability, capacity and health of a supply chain is paramount in today’s global market. The solution was developed in conjunction with Verify’s technology partner Ivis Technologies.

The new web-based software leverages over four decades of A&D supply chain risk assessment perspective and experience. With a multi-attribute risk assessment solution, the software provides objective granular visibility throughout the tiers of any simple or complex supply chain, thus providing the customer with a global view and perspective vital to an effective supply chain risk management strategy. The SCRM solution delivers a unique supply chain risk assessment solution designed for configurability, and simplicity all with the customer in mind.

“SCRM is all about reducing vulnerability and ensuring continuity. As a result of the global pandemic, public awareness around the impact of when supply chains go wrong is now a daily news item. Whether it’s a shortage in grocery stores or construction materials or chips in cars, the public can see clear vulnerability and a lack of continuity,” said Alan McIntosh, President of Verify Global.

As the global market reopens in 2022, Supply Chain health will be an issue that all organizations will have to address quickly. How well did my suppliers do during the shutdowns? Did they survive? Where do our suppliers have gaps that need to be addressed? These are just a few of the questions that the Verify SCRM solution will help customers address.

Finding the right place to start or the right initial focus.

Multi-tier, multi-attribute supply chain mapping is the path forward. Starting with simple due diligence or registration. You might have several hundred machine shops in your chain and collecting the meta-data up front can help you determine which of those are critical, which are at risk.

This simple registration in one location for your stakeholders is very powerful.

Our new online SCRM solution does just that and more, from registration to comprehensive risk assessments validated with boots on the ground. Our assessments not only tell the story about the overall health of your supplier but also provides prescriptive measures that develop a supplier and improve their performance and rating score. We also provide the means to strategically view your supply chain globally and drill down to each supplier to make decisions that will ultimately ensure that risk is eliminated and quality product is delivered on time.

For more information about our SaaS SCRM solution, please contact us (click here).

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