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Why Are Businesses Screaming Multi-Cloud?

Multi-Cloud has become more popular in this COVID era as it empowers IT industries. Let’s dive into detail to understand Why Are Businesses Screaming Multi-Cloud

The mainframe computing that began in the early 50s’ would allow multiple terminal ends to have access to a single central computer, which would eventually lead to the buzz that we hear today – multi-cloud.

The 70’s was when Virtual Machines came into existence, pushing the 80’s to make the term ‘client server’ to be widely used to define a compute model that would include access to a central server over LAN.

The late 90’s witnessed a tech giant (Salesforce) making enterprise applications available from websites.

And in the 2000’s and 2010’s ‘cloud’ became a widely used annotation of several high-tech centralized storage and accessible server over the internet. This is also when public and private clouds came into existence allowing large organizations to create ‘hybrid cloud’ infrastructures to take advantage of different architectures.

Today, we are hearing a lot about multi-cloud environments and how IT teams are empowered to deploy the benefits of different cloud vendors on a single infrastructure.

But, what exactly is multi-cloud?

Let’s say you want to use a storage system on your VMware Cloud, but want it to function on AWS workloads, for higher scalability. You can do that with the help of Multi-cloud. A multi-cloud approach will allow you to utilize multiple cloud providers that fulfil your requirements on your existing IT infrastructure.

Every cloud service provider has a service that best serves the needs of an organization (depending on the type of the organization), and with multi cloud, one can select each of these best services from different providers and make a combination that works the best for them.

How to Find the Right Multi-Cloud Provider for your business?

  • Can your multi-cloud provider implement consistent data management policies across several, distinct clouds?
  • Will they be able to facilitate a smoother transitioning of inputs and outputs from different services?
  • What are their security measures?

These are the top 3 questions that you should ask any multi-cloud vendor before getting them onboard for business.

AI-TechPark’s Multi-Cloud Pick of 2021 – Rackspace Technology

Leading end-to-end multi cloud technology solutions company, Rackspace Technology, is one of our best picks for multi cloud service provider this year. Rackspace has a number of unique features that makes it a top industry player, but some of the most prominent ones are – 

  • Unlike many other service providers, Rackspace evaluates the present state of data integrations and applications of a company across the entire ecosystem to deliver integration recommendations that would best cater to the organization’s goals.
  • The company gives a 99.5% connectivity uptime guarantee along with offering multi cloud connectivity that will unify a company’s entire hybrid footprint.
  • It also delivers manage and operate services for cloud workloads for a wide range of platforms across private and public clouds, including on-premises, colocation, Bare Metal and VMware vSphere® virtualization.

Rackspace Technology wins multiple awards year after year because of its unique offerings, and recently made the headlines for being named a top 15 Sourcing Standout by ISG.

“Due to our people, partners, expertise and automation to help customers of all sizes optimize their multicloud journey combined with our fanatical customer experience, Rackspace Technology is extremely well positioned in the multicloud market. In 2020 we made great progress towards becoming the leading pure play multi cloud services and solutions company and set the stage for years of incremental revenue growth.” says Lisa McLin, Rackspace Technology VP, Global Channel Chief.

The trust of its customers in the offerings of the company has led to a record Revenue of $726M in the First Quarter, which is up by 11% Year-over-Year.

The company expands and upgrades its services and solutions time and again to sustain as a top industry player and a prominent offeror of multi cloud technology.

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