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Why IT Solutions need to join hands with Healthcare amidst this growing crisis

To fight the spread of the virus and make the surroundings secure, Unisys is digitally transforming the way organizations manage the testing and point of entry.

We are living in a time where, digitally, almost all organizations need to move quickly to create more secure and safer environments to work, live, and play, especially from the deadly virus.

With the second wave hitting various countries and taking over all the progress done in the previous year like a storm, businesses are finding themselves at a loss, where they do want to bring back their employees, but also want to keep them safe. Not to mention the halt of the education system where students are tired of virtual learning, and teachers, of teaching. Apart from them, everybody else wants to step out of their houses while ensuring that they do not come in contact with a positive patient and curb the spread of the virus.

And one of the most effective ways of doing that is having people carry health passports that are a testament to their health conditions being good enough to be in a particular environment. But most of the passports these days are physical, which brings up the issue of damage or loss. 

Another prominent issue is that of COVID testing. The construct of the COVID-19 virus is such that it needs frequent testing and in countries with larger populations, it becomes quite difficult to keep a track and record of all the people and their testing status. 

Probable Solution? A Digital Transformation of the best form

Merging of the HealthCare community + IT solution to compartmentalize the process

The IT sector has the resources and the expertise to digitally transform complex processes, without disrupting the functioning of parallel processes. And

now is the time when we need healthcare to harness this expertise and digital transformation to autonomously detect and manage the spread of the virus, to secure an entity.


Leading global information technology company, Unisys Corporation, known for delivering  IT services, software, and technology, has announced the availability of U-Pass™, a Coronavirus testing as well as health management solution , as part of its relationship with Inspire Health Alliance. This solution can help any private or public operation control who can access their infrastructure and environment, whether it’s a building , ship, school, office, bus or plane.

This new end-to-end COVID-19 management health solution will be seen delivering support that will be inclusive of capabilities of system integration, project management, field services, as well as online technical support.

U-Pass will be seen delivering – 

  • Comprehensive Testing – This will include a variety of testing options such as antigen testing, Rapid testing, antibodies testing, and also PCR testing.
  • Point-to-Entry Kiosk – Kiosks that will deploy Unisys Stealth for biometric identity management, will be used to verify the negative status of an individual, integrated with building management systems.

Unisys displays all the reasons why it the perfect partner to develop and deliver a health solution in the time of crises that is not just a data management system, but an identity verificator that goes beyond IT solutions and provides the most secure cloud infrastructure that empowers the healthtech arena and plays a critical role in safeguarding the people by curbing the spread of the virus.

Why is this the need of the hour? 

  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Precision
  • Digitalized
  • Reduces burden on just one system

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