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XEM leader Tanium debuts Tanium Automate

Converged Endpoint Management leader debuts automated insights and remediation as Tanium Automate joins Tanium Guardian and the company’s partnership with Microsoft Copilot for Security

Tanium, the industry’s leading provider of Converged Endpoint Management (XEM), today debuted Tanium Automate at the Converge World Tour in New York City. Alongside Tanium Guardian and its partnership with Microsoft Copilot for SecurityTanium Automate serves as another critical component in support of the autonomous endpoint management (AEM) capabilities within the Tanium XEM platform. With the unique ability to combine the power of real-time endpoint visibility and data and turn it into real-time action, Tanium is the first to make AEM a reality. The trusted automation built into the Tanium XEM platform enables organizations to efficiently mitigate risk on a continuous basis for unprecedented cyber readiness. For the first time ever, customers will be able to orchestrate and chain together a series of actions into logical, repeatable sequences, to run automatically with user oversight. These actions are informed by real-time data, which ensures that organizations and infrastructures are resilient against changing conditions.

With Tanium Automate, customers can easily eliminate manual processes for repeatable tasks like patching, application deployments, vulnerability remediations, unused software license reclamation, among others. Unlike automation built using custom scripts which required expertise that made it difficult to scale and created room for error, with Tanium Automate, the entire IT team can create custom playbooks – with little to no code – to automate common tasks. With the operational efficiencies gained through this automation, IT teams are freed up to prioritize more strategic projects. Tanium Automate will be included with the core platform without requiring a separate license, allowing customers to leverage this new capability across all licensed features of the platform. It is currently in private preview with customers and is slated for general availability in the coming weeks.

“Organizations are experiencing both a proliferation of endpoints as well as IT and Security teams that are stretched too thin. This makes the need for automation more critical than ever,” said Matt Quinn, chief technology officer at Tanium. “Tanium Automate delivers yet another core capability for the industry’s first autonomous endpoint management-enabled platform.”

Tanium’s new automation capabilities join recent AEM solutions delivered to the market including Tanium Guardian and Microsoft Copilot for Security.

As part of the Tanium XEM platform, Tanium Guardian provides a significant advantage to teams tasked with protecting vast arrays of endpoints. By leveraging real-time data, customers are automatically notified of emerging issues like zero-day vulnerabilities. Furthermore, Tanium Guardian learns and adapts to environments, identifies and prioritizes risks based on asset criticality and recommends operator actions. These automatic insights are critical to real-time remediation and threat response and can save teams weeks and months of manual labor in identifying and averting high-impact exploitations in their environment.

Finally, Tanium recently announced its participation in the general availability of Microsoft Copilot for Security. Tanium’s XEM platform, combined with Microsoft Copilot for Security’s LLM, provides teams with relevant insights to monitor across all endpoints in real-time, eliminating blind spots and enabling them to streamline and accelerate incident investigation and response, and significantly reduce incident workload while mitigating risks faster. Together, Tanium and Microsoft Copilot for Security reduce risk exposure for organizations by decreasing time to insight and to remediation.

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