Zesty Launches Commitment Manager for Amazon RDS

Zesty’s Commitment Manager for RDS cuts costs through increased utilization of Amazon RDS Reserved Instances 

Zesty, a pioneer of automated cloud infrastructure optimization, today launched its newest offering, Commitment Manager for Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service). This new Commitment Manager capability supports Reserved Instance (RI) coverage for Amazon RDS workloads, significantly reducing costs. 

Zesty’s flagship solution, Commitment Manager for Amazon EC2, has consistently demonstrated its value by saving customers up to 50% of cloud expenses using Zesty’s blended approach (CRIs, SRIs, and SPs). Building on this success, the Commitment Manager for Amazon RDS aims to increase commitment coverage on RDS workloads and lower expenses.

Now, more than ever, enterprises are looking for more ways to cut costs and boost efficiency in the cloud, including the use of discount commitments. Amazon RDS, similar to Amazon EC2, offers long-term commitment-based discounts requiring companies to dedicate discounts to workloads one or three years in advance. 

In contrast to Amazon EC2, there is less flexibility for Amazon RDS, as RDS RIs cannot be sold or converted. As a result, companies are hesitant to take the financial risk on long-term commitments that are difficult to predict and therefore continue to run many Amazon RDS workloads on demand. Zesty’s Commitment Manager for Amazon RDS relieves companies of that concern by harnessing AI to analyze global trends and each customer’s unique flows, thereby optimizing RI savings. 

“Launching Commitment Manager for RDS is another demonstration of Zesty’s commitment to its customers, as so many of them have mentioned their need for such a solution,” said Hagit Merhavi, VP of Product Management at Zesty. “We are uniquely positioned to deliver this solution by leveraging our extensive knowledge of discount commitment management so that organizations can unlock greater savings.”  

Utilizing its proprietary AI engine to analyze a customer’s historical usage and predict future resource needs, Zesty provides increased flexibility to scale discount allocations up and down as needed. Commitment Manager for Amazon RDS optimizes RI allocations by using real-time data to adjust the RIs across On-Demand Amazon RDS workloads.

“We founded Zesty based on the demand for flexibility in the cloud and now that our customers have it for their EC2 workloads, they’ve helped us identify other key places where it’s necessary, which makes this feature all the more meaningful for us,” said Maxim Melamedov, CEO and Co-founder of Zesty.

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