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Zionex Launches PlanNEL Beta

PlanNEL is an Innovative AI-based Supply Chain Planning Platform for Accurate Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization in Fast-Moving Online Marketplaces, Designed for Mid-Sized Retail Businesses

Zionex, a leading provider of advanced supply chain and integrated business planning platforms for retail, manufacturing, and distribution industries, has announced the beta release of PlanNEL, its innovative AI-powered business planning SaaS platform.

PlanNEL Beta utilizes AI and machine learning technologies to accurately forecast demands based on various influencing factors and suggest optimal safety stocks to meet customer service levels and maximize profits. It is designed to help mid-sized enterprises make data-driven decisions for better outcomes while marketing and distributing their products.

PlanNEL consists of the following 4 modules:

  1. AI-powered Baseline Forecasting (BF) module to improve demand forecasting accuracy;
  2. Demand Planning (DP) module to manage consensus-based demand planning process;
  3. Inventory Optimization (IO) module to recommend optimal inventory levels for a given product at different storage locations; and
  4. Replenishment Planning (RP) module to provide optimal production and delivery schedules.

PlanNEL Beta is currently being tested by a number of retail companies in the US, Japan, and Korea. The platform is expected to attract interest from a wide range of professionals, including business managers, strategists, analysts, and planners. Early adopters can provide feedback and help shape the platform’s future development.

“PlanNEL is an intuitive and user-friendly platform that has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses approach demand forecasting and inventory management in fast-moving online marketplaces,” said Jacklyn Lim, CEO of Noelo Hills, who is participating in the beta program. “We are excited to see how Zionex will continue to develop the platform to meet the evolving needs of online retail businesses.”

Zionex is actively looking for new beta participants, particularly among online retailers interested in enhancing their demand forecasting precision and optimizing inventory management. To discover more about PlanNEL and how to join the beta program, visit

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