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AI-driven Video Platform Duvora Thrives in COVID Times

Duvora has introduced an AI-driven video platform dedicated to virtual luxury home tours as a new way to meet the needs of affluent home buyers in a post-COVID-19 world.

In just a matter of months, life, work, and how we interact with the world has gone through a fundamental shift. In the world of luxury real estate, COVID-19 has forced the industry to adapt quickly to meet the changing needs of affluent home buyers. One such adaptation is the increasing demand for virtual home tours.

During these unprecedented times, technology has provided real estate agents a lifeline to what otherwise would have been a catastrophic blow to real estate markets,” said Derek Devore, founder of Duvora and an active technology consultant to luxury Realtors in Los Angeles. Technological innovation, specifically streaming video content, will usher the industry into a new era of how luxury homes are marketed and sold.”

As brokerages continue to fiercely compete for the attention of affluent home buyers, virtual video tours have become increasingly more cinematic and complex. These promotional films are often created with sizable budgets, showcasing the most opulent of amenities. Duvora’s new video platform uses advanced AI technology to intelligently scan this video content and merge it with housing and listing data to create a deep, searchable content experience.

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way affluent buyers find properties and data from Duvora’s AI search algorithm has confirmed this behavior. According to the data, luxury buyers are now favoring “safe-havens” more than ever; that is, private sanctuaries located away from city centers. Detached guest suites have also proved to be extremely important, as affluent home buyers are preparing to consolidate their extended family into one location.

In this challenging environment, restrictions on open houses along with the dramatic decrease of in-person showing requests have promoted virtual video tours from a nice-to-have item, to more of a necessity.

Duvora is redefining how real estate professionals attract and engage with luxury home buyers, by creating a revolutionizing new video platform dedicated to showcasing virtual home tours. Its platform combines AI video technology with housing data to provide a one-to-one personalization experience and deep search capabilities to video content. Duvora is committed to unlocking new opportunities through introducing the real estate industry to innovative solutions. Visit for more information.

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