AITech Interview with Jerry Abiog, CMO at Standard Insights

Standard Insights enables the execution of data-driven omnichannel campaigns within a few clicks of your mouse to target the right person with the right product at the right time. AI and Technology are central to effective marketing campaigns. Standard Insights specializes in AI as a Service marketing platform. Jerry Abiog sheds light on the product offerings while giving insights into his journey as CMO.

1. Could you tell us more about your role at Standard Insights?

I’m one of the co-founders and serve as the CMO.  My primary duties are to build brand awareness for Standard Insights and its suite of products by educating business leaders who seek to leverage their first-party customer data to build their moat.

2. What is your company’s mission and vision?

Our mission is to be the global Standard on how successful businesses prioritize and execute their customer engagement from Insights gleaned from their data.  

3. Tell us about your journey working with startups and finally leading Standard insights as CMO.

I left the corporate world in 2011. I started my own business helping software companies with sales and marketing initiatives.  I’ve had good and bad clients.  One of those bad clients was an AI/ML startup that failed.  It bombed not because of the idea but of the execution.  We focused too much on technology, not solving business problems.  As this company was imploding, I met my future co-founder visiting Atlanta from India.  He worked for GE here as a technical architect and presented an AI marketing platform prototype that could help businesses drive repeat buyers.  Knowing what I learned from my last startup and the future of AI, I took that concept and flew to the Outdoor Retail Show in Colorado.  Upon returning to Atlanta, I secured two beta clients.  It was there that Standard Insights was born.

4. How does a growth marketing platform work while planning a strategy for your customer? Could you give us an example?

Our platform helps businesses know their customers better than they know themselves.  Take, for example, a wine shop with 500 varieties, 5K customers, and over 10K purchase orders in their POS.  Our solution can help predict what each customer is likely to purchase – Joey S. is likely to purchase merlots vs Jenny T. who is likely to purchase pinot grigios.  We empower that business to execute data-driven, omnichannel campaigns based on those customers’ preferred wines within our AI as a service platform enabling repeat purchases.

5. How can your products like SmartChoiceAI, Doppelganger Marketing, and others help enhance customer experience? 

Everything we do starts with a data-driven foundation with regard to customer engagement.   In the above example, presenting customers with wines they are likely to purchase leads to improving customer experience, preventing customer indecision, and telling the customer what to do next.  Doing so can improve sales, increase average order value and reduce customer churn.

6. In the month of January,  your company had a strategic partnership with What are your future plans regarding this?  

We are honored to partner with a leading integration as a service company.  We came together to serve the needs of businesses who want to become data-driven and have interconnectivity amongst their software platforms.  In addition, we are forming a joint venture, offering managed services to our existing and new clients in the areas of development, MVP development, digital campaigns, and e-commerce services as everything both product companies do ties into these offerings.

7. According to you, what are some challenges that AI will face in the next 5 years? What do you think about data saturation?

We are now seeing the democratization of AI across all facets of one’s business.  Eventually, most companies will adopt this trend or will soon cease to exist – similar to a business needing a website back in the mid-late nineties.

We’re not yet there with data saturation.  However, even with data saturation today, we will 1. Relentlessly improve algorithms 2. Enhance products and services.
In the case of the second point, we have grown from just offering an AI-marketing platform (SmartChoiceAI), to having an AI-driven ordering platform (iOrder), managed services, and coming in the near future,   our very own email platform (QK Reach).  Eventually, we want to become the one-stop shop for an organization’s marketing needs – leading with, but going beyond our AI software.

8. What hacks do you follow to enjoy maximum productivity at work?

Wake up at 5 in the morning, read and exercise each and every day.  This helps me get in the proper frame of mind to attack the day ahead.

9. What advice would you like to give the marketers who are just getting started with AI?

Read articles, books, and listen to podcasts on AI.  I recommend reading the book Competing In The Age Of AI.  

10. What inspires you? Tell us more about your team and how they support you.

My parents.  They help set my framework of ambition and hard work.  I feel we have a strong team – one co-founder is an angel investor for Standard Cognition, an AI firm worth north of 1B.  Another co-founder has a background in statistics and has worked for a Fortune 50 company.  The last co-founder has a master’s degree in Computer Science.  We all work well together from the co-founders to the interns, subscribing to Kaizen – continuous improvement each and every day with our customers and product/service offerings. 

Standard Insights is an AI as a Service marketing platform. They help businesses leverage their first-party customer data to drive growth and improve their market share. Standard Insights doesn’t just give you the data analysis in dashboards. They enable one to execute data-driven omnichannel campaigns within a few clicks of your mouse to target the right person with the right product at the right time. 

Standard Insights offers managed services to help business owners make the most of their marketing campaigns. This service is beneficial as most are too busy to learn new software when suffering from labor shortages. Its mission is to be the global Standard on how successful businesses prioritize and execute their customer engagement from Insights gleaned from their data.

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Jerry Abiog

Co-Founder and CMO of Standard Insights

Jerry Abiog has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience. He currently serves as a Co-Founder and CMO of Standard Insights, an AI as a Service growth marketing platform headquartered in Fort Myers, FL. Their mission is to be the global Standard on how successful businesses prioritize and execute their customer engagement from Insights gleaned from their data. Prior to his current role, he consulted for an AI start-up that failed. It was the lessons learned from this failure, serendipitous events, and the massive potential for AI in marketing that led to the formation of Standard Insights. He has been on numerous podcasts and has written articles on the subject of AI and marketing.

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