Avant Technologies acquires Wired-4-Health

Avant Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: AVAI) (“Avant” or the “Company”), an artificial intelligence technology (AI) company specializing in developing innovative and advanced AI and AI infrastructure solutions, today announces the completion of its acquisition of privately-held healthcare technology and data integration services firm, Wired-4-Health.

Unified by a shared objective to propel the healthcare data interoperability landscape forward, this strategic merger leverages cutting-edge AI and amplified computational capabilities. This potent combination empowers healthcare and life sciences organizations to navigate the complexities of system interoperability with unprecedented efficiency, enhanced performance, improved data integrity, and a more cost-effective, scalable infrastructure. Customers will be able to experience these benefits across a range of critical business functions, including transaction processing, health outcomes analytics, and compliance adherence.

“Completion of this important strategic acquisition enables us to deliver best-in-class data and system interoperability services to the healthcare and life sciences sectors powered by AvantAI® and our high-density compute capabilities,” said Tim Lantz, Chief Executive Officer of Avant Technologies. “This exciting acquisition significantly strengthens our financial profile, offers massive commercial growth opportunities in one of Avant’s largest target markets, and bolsters our internal customer support and R&D capabilities.”

The healthcare sector is facing a number of escalating challenges. Providers are under pressure to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs at a time when chronic illness and clinician burnout are on the rise. Despite the transformative potential of digitalization in healthcare, a significant barrier remains. The lack of adherence to standardized data protocols makes the extensive volume of information produced by the digital revolution complex and costly to leverage. As a result, the full potential of data-driven solutions to address the industry’s most urgent challenges has yet to be realized.

“In the near term, if the healthcare industry expects to succeed in lowering costs while improving quality, the deployment of advanced AI, combined with more powerful, cost- effective compute capabilities will be critical to that success,” said Angela Harris, Avant’s Chief Operating Officer. “The addition of Wired-4-Health will position Avant as a key contributor in helping healthcare organizations solve complex problems at the intersection of cost, quality, compliance and technology.”

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