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Kloudspot’s Launches KloudVision™ Video Processing to Enhance CX

Kloudspot, Inc., makers of the first network-enabled and cloud-based situational awareness and action platform, today announced KloudVision, a video processing service that uses AI to classify and contextualize video data to trigger alerts and human actions based on customer defined need.

KloudVision ingests video feeds from virtually any existing connected camera, and utilizing AI, derives deep contextual information including facial and demographic recognition, motion and emotion detection, even PPE compliance and much more. KloudVision processes video feeds on edge devices of the network so footage never flows over public networks making the solution secure.

The Kloudspot platform combines this information with sensor data from Wi-Fi, environmental sensors, and Bluetooth and RFID devices to achieve full visibility and digital engagement with constituents in physical world situations such as retail, workplace and education. The platform is simple to deploy, integrates with all standard networks and major business applications and vastly improves location and event awareness and real-time notification for people counting, crowd formation, social distancing and PPE compliance.

“The KloudVision solution allows any organization to create a safe ‘back-to-work’ environment,” said Osamu Kikuchi, Head of Business Development at NEC Networks and System Integration Corporation. “This simple, secure process for leveraging camera data to trigger engagements in the physical world is a great example of how technology can help us all safely re-open in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“In this world of ‘The Digital New Normal,’ the lines defining the physical and the digital worlds are blurring and privacy requirements are in focus now more than ever,” said Kloudspot CEO, Guillermo Diaz, Jr. “So we built our platform with a flexible, AI and rules-based engine giving our partners, and their customers, total control over their data privacy and engagement strategy.”

Kloudspot’s partners use the platform to build innovative real-world digital transformation solutions for industries such as hospitality, events, communications and transportation. The City of Erie, PA. recently launched their first Secure Smart City™ initiative leveraging the Kloudspot platform to reduce traffic congestion, fight crime, enhance connectivity and boost economic development.

“With the Kloudspot Situational Awareness Platform, we can help make citizens lives better,” said Ed Olsen, Vice President of Business Development and Outcome Based Financing at Quantela Inc. “Combined with the Quantela AI Urban Services solution we developed, the City of Erie, PA can make intelligent decisions driven by actionable insights.”

KloudVision is available today.  Visit for details.

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