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Big Data-powered Partners with Music Venue Trust to provide MVT with widgets of UK live show data, to increase awareness of member live shows and analytical tools to assist in government relations

AI-driven live music tracker has forged a partnership with Music Venue Trust (MVT) to provide comprehensive, real-time event information on the return of live music. MVT is the UK grassroots venues association that recently successfully lobbied the UK Government for urgent relief on behalf of small independent grassroots music venues that many see are the rootstock of the UK’s most long-lived and thriving national export – music. will provide the MVT with consolidated live show data for their 900+ members, including grassroots venues across the UK with visual tools like interactive maps and carousels of all the live show listings within a radius around the user. Hearby’s widgets provide not only audience awareness of shows available at the best grassroots venues across the UK, but also new pathways to discovering artists, and tools that make it fun to discover local live music as it returns to our cities.

“We are powered by the thrill of discovery, the joy of sharing, and the satisfaction of a great night out,” said Ian Condry, Hearby co-founder and professor of Anthropology at MIT.

As MVT continues to work with the UK government on the return of live music, Hearby’s highly visual tools will help illustrate the story to stakeholders regarding impact, both nationally and locally.

Access to Hearby’s vast dataset is of utmost value to MVT. According to CEO Mark Davyd, “We are working closely with the UK government and other key stakeholders to bring about the comeback of live music. I field calls every day asking for analysis on the effectiveness of steps being taken and the value of money spent.” He added, “With access to Hearby’s data portal and widgets, we can present clear, instantly readable communications in a format that best suits these stakeholders.”

For Hearby’s creators, Area4 Labs Inc., working with Music Venue Trust will help keep live show information accurate in uncertain times as venues return from Covid, explained Area4 Labs CEO, Gary Halliwell. “There’s a lot of uncertainties that will persist over the next few months. Our connection to Music Venue Trust’s member venues and audiences means that our integrated map and show carousels will get that feedback fast.”

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