ContractPodAi Launches Legal DeepSights Dashboard to Show Outcomes

ContractPodAi®, the award-winning provider of AI-powered contract lifecycle management solutions, today announced the release of Legal DeepSights: the first metrics-based dashboard in the market to help legal teams quantifiably measure their achievements and their alignment with critical business-wide outcomes. Legal DeepSights enables general counsel and leaders of legal functions to set and track results against their own metrics-based team goals, while quantifying the value they bring to their organizations to support overall business goals.

“I am thrilled to introduce Legal DeepSights as part of every legal team’s digital transformation journey. Never have consistent, quantifiable metrics which align legal teams’ success with business outcomes been measured – until now,” said Sarvarth Misra, CEO of ContractPodAi. “What we want is general counsels to come out as leaders of digital transformation in their organizations, leaders who really measure the success of their own transformation journey with meaningful metrics. We firmly believe this will address any skepticism surrounding digital transformation in the legal space.”

With this release, ContractPodAi takes legal analytics to the next level – beyond just contract-specific analytics and dashboarding that is standard in the market today. Instead it pushes the industry envelope towards providing insight into a legal teams’ processes and achievements as a function. Through this, ContractPodAi is expressing full confidence and support for legal transformations within the industry. Legal DeepSights creates full transparency around the value of legal tech adoption, providing clients a quantified view of their own return on investment from their ContractPodAi platform.

Legal DeepSights also expands upon market-standard contract-specific analytics and reporting by providing insights into your contracts versus simply dashboarding an aggregation of contract data. For example, the technology assesses and presents the risk profile of contracts and explains how to reduce risk exposure for different risk drivers. The Legal DeepSights technology peers into the company’s complete contract database and provides in-house legal teams with the micro and macro visibility they need to deeply understand their agreements, and to act.

Legal DeepSights Features

Overall, in-house legal teams benefit from the following Legal DeepSights dashboards:

  • Key Performance Indicators: Insight into how well a legal team is performing against their individualized team goals and desired business outcomes, including tracking improvement against their own benchmarks over time.
  • Digital Transformation Journey: A detailed view of an organization’s adoption of and impact from legal technology – including views for teams outside of legal.
  • Contract Risk Analytics: A risk profile of a company’s contract portfolio, including drivers of risk and how to reduce the risk.
  • Obligation Analytics: A window into the obligations and metadata across all contracts, with options to filter and specify down to key sub-groups of contracts (e.g., by supplier, customer).

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ContractPodAi’s CLM Technology

ContractPodAi offers customers intelligent AI functionality, built on the trusted IBM Watson, and Microsoft Azure AI platforms, right out-of-the box. Its about amplifying the impact of your legal excellence through the power of trusted artificial intelligence. A big part of whether CLM technology is successful within a company is its adoption with the business users, and legal team. Beyond the intuitive graphical user interface, a client success manager (CSM) supports every customer. Digital transformation is a challenge for any industry, and legal is no exception. Ultimately, we believe that contracting should be fast, easy, and intelligent. ContractPodAi is there to support you every step of the way.

ContractPodAi is one of the world’s most robust contract lifecycle management (CLM) technologies, providing corporate legal counsels with a platform that provides end-to-end contract management capabilities like a smart contract repository, contract automation, document e-signatures, seamless workflows, third party contract review, negotiating and collaboration tools, and AI-based analytics. Contracts are a company’s most valuable assets, and every company needs a ContractPodAi CLM to help manage them well.

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