Dentulu Acquires Robohealer AI, Launches Mobile Dentistry Platform

Dentulu Inc most notably recognized for its free Teledentistry and Mobile Dentistry platform awarded the American Dental Association’s Cellarant “Best of Class ”technology award in 2020 is expanding its partnerships. Dentulu is quickly becoming the most robust dental software platform on the market offering free and low cost software solutions to dental professionals across the globe. Led by a 3rd generation dentist and a team of in house software developers and engineers, Dentulu’s mission is to create a one stop shop for anything dental related with the biggest network of dental providers in the world.

Dentulu’s aspirations to grow its all inclusive platform has been well received by the dental industry and has garnered a series of partnerships ranging from financing companies to health carriers and even supply companies who are all participating in Dentulu’s emerging marketplace. “Our goal is as bold as it is simple, to create one platform that is affordable and available to all dental professionals where they can access the latest technologies, services, and products available on the dental market from anywhere in the world and on any device,” explains Dr. Hakhamian. Dentulu recognizes that dental professionals currently face many challenges as they navigate the changing landscape of the dental industry and that managing these challenges is an integral part of running a successful dental practice.

Dentulu’s concept received a major boost with the help of Google and investors, mostly comprised of Dentists and Dental specialists, who helped complete its initial multi-million dollar seed round. Now, with the help of new institutional investors, Dentulu is expanding its services to include artificial intelligence, diagnostic tools, communication tools, and office management services beyond its free offerings. Dentulu is also working directly with major retailers to help dental offices acquire new patients through its mobile app and on its website.

Dentulu’s innovations do not stop with its software. Dentulu is also launching unique products such as the “MouthCam,” a consumer intraoral camera that is less than $99 that allows remote patient monitoring of dental patients in the comfort of their own home. “While we cannot currently perform many dental procedures through the phone, we can utilize advanced technologies to help dental professionals acquire more patients, run more efficient practices, and find the resources they need to have more successful and profitable dental careers,” continues Dr. Hakhamian.

Dentulu will begin announcing a series of partnerships in April and May and will launch at least one new product or service every quarter as it begins to move towards its mission to unite the dental industry with its award winning team and technology. Dental professionals can register for free on Dentulu and participate in its open platform and begin using many of its free features or upgrade their account to take advantage of its low cost software solutions on the Dentulu mobile app available on both Android and IOS phones or directly on the web at

Dentulu is the leading Teledentistry and Mobile Dentistry platform providing customized digital solutions and services to both dental professionals and patients. Additional information is available on

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