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IoT Provider Advantech’s Conference Promotes Cloud Partnership

Advantech (stock code: 2395), a leading provider of advanced IoT intelligence systems, is excited to launch its Advantech Connect Online Partner Conference, an online partner conference for global partners, focusing on the theme “Edge-to-Cloud Partnerships Enable Smart City Services with AIoT.” The conference sessions will be livestreamed in North America on April 28-30(UTC-4) and center around six main topics: Intelligent Hospitals, Telehealth & Mobile Solutions, Intelligent Retail, Hospitality, Intelligent Logistics & Fleet Management, and Industrial Tablet Solutions.

Discover the AIoT Trends Driving the Realization of a Smart City Ecosystem

According to the International Data Corporation, COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation with analysts predicting that global smart city investments will reach US$203 billion by 2024. The main investment areas are predicted to be artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), data-driven management, intelligent infrastructure, and digitalization.

Advantech Connect brings together industry leaders and expert partners to explore the potential of AIoT for smart city services. Starting with the Healthcare sessions on April 21, these experts will discuss industry trends and provide insights into various vertical markets. According to MC Chiang, Vice President of the Service IoT Group, “Advantech is strategically focused on developing smart service solutions and ecosystems for vertical markets in the fields of retail, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, and smart cities. Advantech uses its WISE-PaaS IoT ecosystem and DeviceOn/iService remote management software to enable data-driven transformation that allows enterprises to maximize the efficiency of IoT management in vertical market applications.”

Hear from 30+ C-Suite Executives and Technical Leaders

To provide our partners around the world with the opportunity to understand the latest smart city trends, the Advantech Connect Global Partner Online Conference will feature presentations and discussions by more than 30 C-suite executives and technology leaders on the six key topics outlined below.

  • Intelligent Hospitals
    Participants will explore the latest trends and iHospital solutions aimed at intelligent ward services, quality nursing care, integrated operating rooms, and medical specialty applications. Experts from NVIDIA, Brandon Medical, Inter, Fysicon, Yansys, TMM software, and ResponseCare will share their experience of deploying new technologies for various medical specialties and provide insight into how these solutions enable efficient, high-quality patient care. Register here:
  • Telehealth & Mobile Solutions
    Focusing on telehealth and mobile medical solutions, speakers will discuss the new era of telehealth, reasons for its rapid adoption, and how on-demand healthcare can be achieved with mobile solutions. Telehealth software partners and expert doctors with real-world experience will be invited to share insights regarding telehealth deployment and the benefits for medical staff and patients to provide a comprehensive overview of the telehealth ecosystem. Register here:
  • The Future of Retail
    These sessions will deep dive into innovative technologies aimed at the retail market for managing social distancing and post-COVID business activities and enabling AIoT chain stores through self-service and occupancy management. Renowned solution providers will demonstrate how retailers can leverage AI and sensor technologies combined with intelligent systems to provide a more personalized and satisfying in-store customer experience. Register here:
  • Digital Transformation Trends in Hospitality
    Leading technology pioneers are invited to discuss the latest innovations in the hospitality industry and the digital transformation of quick service restaurants (QSR) through touchless solutions and contactless ordering. Advantech and its partners will highlight emerging trends and show how touchless solutions, AI, and machine learning technologies can be applied to touchpoints to redefine customer interaction, enhance efficiency, and increasing revenue. Register here:
  • Logistics & Fleet Management
    Intelligent logistics involves the management of fleets, assets, environment, and workforce through the use of IoT equipment. Industry experts from Intel, ABI Research, and SOTI discuss the technologies shaping the future of logistics, including port, warehouse, fleet management, and cold chain applications. Advantech leverages new AI, IoV, and V2X technologies to provide integrated software-hardware products and promote the development of a co-creation ecosystem for one-stop logistics management solutions. Register here:
  • Industrial Tablet Solutions
    Industry leaders in the retail & hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, field service, and healthcare sectors are invited to discuss how industrial tablets can benefit enterprises. Advantech will showcase its latest industrial-grade AIM tablets and demonstrate how they can streamline workflows and boost operational efficiency for smart city service applications. Register here:

The Advantech Connect Online Partner Conference is expected to attract more than 20,000 customers, partners, and industry leaders with expertise in edge-to-cloud solutions, IoT cloud platform, remote device management, AI, 5G, intelligent transportation, intelligent healthcare, intelligent logistics, and intelligent retail. They are invited to share their opinions and insights in an effort to accelerate the digital transformation of industry and promote the co-creation of a sustainable ecosystem for driving the realization of smart city services.

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