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LARVOL Launches Cancer-Focused Social Listening Platform

Curated comments and sentiment from verified oncologists empower pharma marketing, competitive intelligence, and medical affairs teams to make informed decisions

LARVOL, leading provider of data and intelligence solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, today announced the launch of VIEW, the first curated social listening and sentiment analysis platform focused on Twitter-verified oncologists, researchers, and Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs). Access to this curated information will enable pharma marketers, competitive intelligence, and medical affairs teams to make informed, up-to-the-minute decisions influencing their oncology drug positioning.

VIEW represents a new age in the relationship between pharmaceutical teams and the physicians they rely on for insights into the clinical impact of their products. The online platform presents trending cancer news curated by experts, combined with sentiment analysis, influencer ranking, and polling data from Twitter’s top oncologists. This focused analysis enables drug developers and marketers to get an accurate read on the competitive landscape and to effectively identify and engage with DOLs in oncology.

“Top oncologists are now using Twitter to share their opinions on trials, treatments, and the experience of their patients in real time,” says LARVOL Founder and CEO Bruno Larvol. “Pharma teams understand the importance of these DOLs as experts in their field and influencers of their peers, but the cancer conversation is moving too quickly for anyone to interpret on their own. VIEW gives them an intuitive platform to tap into the immediate conversations, identify experts, measure sentiment, and more.”

LARVOL’s expert analysts focus on the real-time activity of more than 1,500 verified oncologists on Twitter. Analysts manually review and code each tweet to express the doctor’s sentiment to trending news as positive or negative. The result is a meaningful and authentic picture for pharma teams of the oncology community’s response to breaking cancer news.

“What makes VIEW unique is the added layer of sentiment analysis,” says LARVOL Head of Operations, Sabrina Bellisario. “Text-based listening programs can’t interpret the meaning behind a tweet, but our experts can, and they do it almost as fast as the oncologists can tweet.”

VIEW is live now and will be officially launched at the ScaleUp 360° Competitive Intelligence in Pharma & Life Science virtual conference on April 27. As the latest oncology-focused solution from LARVOL, this tool represents the company’s commitment to being a part of the future of discovery and innovation in cancer treatment. For more information visit

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