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Network Security & Its Post-Pandemic Face

Network Security is a persistent issue for even big tech giants & solution providers like Cloudfare are offering advanced anomaly detection tools to combat the same.

With the onset of the worldwide pandemic, we also witnessed the onset of a shift of networks, to make them more inclusive and widespread, but most importantly, entirely virtual. This acted as one of the biggest opportunities of all times for hackers to sweep their way into the networks of various organizations and entities, disrupt their functioning, and steal valuable data. In fact, according to research, 2020 was the worst year on record for security breaches and exposure to threats.

Every organization has a wide range of devices, data, and applications on their networks that can be exposed to vulnerabilities. And to ensure that these are all well protected and cannot be infiltrated, a set of rules and regulations via software & hardware are installed to secure the confidentiality, accessibility, and integrity of the complex architecture of the network.

Massive data breaches have been the result of ineffective network security practices, leading to incurring huge costs/losses.

One of the most prominent cases of network security infiltration was of Home Depot, where the attackers entered the network of Home Depot, elevated their privileges, and ultimately compromised their POS systems. Over 50 Million credit card numbers with more than 53 million email addresses were stolen, leading to Home Depot having to pay around $134.5 Million to banks and credit card companies and around $19.5 Million to the customers that were affected by this breach.

So, what is it that will protect the companies from such network security breaches?

The Glue that will Hold your Offering & Customers Together aka a system solution that is capable enough to detect any anomalies and block out any suspicious activity to maintain the integrity of the network. And one such solution provider is Cloudfare. 

Cloudfare, recently recognized as a Leader in 2020 for its technology to manage bots, by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, offers a wide array of solution areas that are inclusive of threat intelligence, security and product integration, multiple detection engines, feedback loops, risk analytics, and even quick mitigation.

Reputed organizations leverage Cloudfare’s solutions to protect their networks from vulnerabilities and bot attacks. 

Infact, one of the biggest Martech leaders, Hubspot is a Cloudfare customer. The company was looking for a SSL technology provider that could provide security to its visitors and search engines at scale. Now, even though Cloudfare did not an off the shelf solution to offer to Hubspot at that point of time, the companies had talks of building a solution that would not only offer support to this need, but also ensure that this network could also boost the performance of the service via Cloudflare’s Content Distribution Network. 

Cloudflare & HubSpot partnered to develop an “SSL for SaaS” solution that eventually helped HubSpot in deploying SSL for 47,000 sites that previously didn’t have encryption over the course of 5 days.

Our customers rely on an always available service from HubSpot that is free from bots and malware. Cloudflare’s security services enable our service to be always available and free from attack. Our customers rely on us to provide a responsive, easy to use portal to enable HubSpot’s marketing solutions for our customers’ challenges. If the portal and accompanying APIs are slow to respond, our customers cannot get their work done and become dissatisfied.” says  Kerry Munz, VP of Engineering, Revenue at HubSpot.

It is important to invest in a good software solution that is innovative and leaves scope for inclusivity and integration, taking into account the infrastructure of organisations in current times. Attackers are out there to infiltrate any network that shows even the smallest way in.

For more such updates and perspectives around Digital Innovation, IoT, Data Infrastructure, AI & Cybsercurity, go to Malicious activities and traffic are on a high rise, and it is imperative that organizations understand the gravity and partner with a robust network security solution that is capable of protecting their assets in the post pandemic era.

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