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OM1 enhances Mental Health and Neuroscience Real-World Data Offering

tilizing unique AI modeling capabilities with the new datasets, the company commits to improving personalized treatment options and outcomes for patients

OM1 a leading real-world data, outcomes and technology company with a focus on chronic conditions, today announced the enhancement of its Mental Health and Neuroscience Real-World Data to include schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. By introducing enhanced data from more than 148,000 patients with schizophrenia and bipolar, OM1 paves the way for unmatched clinical depth and novel research insights. The data is part of the larger OM1 Mental Health Network of more than 3 million patients, making it the largest specialty network of its kind in the U.S. It is available now for industry partners to further understand disease progression, patient characteristics, condition subtypes as well as the costs and clinical outcomes of treatments in the real world.

Mental health continues to be a national crisis, ranking at the top for unmet patient needs and overall healthcare spending – more specifically, over 46 million people around the world are diagnosed with bipolar and 24 million are living with schizophrenia. In addition, over $280 billion is spent annually on mental health services and nearly one in five US adults live with a mental illness.

Understanding the complexity of mental health diseases, including the varying factors affecting access to treatment, is key to personalizing patient care, improving outcomes and broadening payer coverage. By applying best-in-class extraction techniques, including unique AI and machine learning modeling capabilities, OM1 has the ability to harness real-world data from clinical notes obtained from its mental health network of more than 9,000 clinicians working in 2,500 clinics across all 50 states. The data leads to actionable insights based on a deeper understanding of patients from a demographically and geographically diverse population with linked medical and pharmacy claims and a unique set of social determinants of health. Combined, the data can help to accelerate medical research and support FDA approvals, reducing the time it takes for new treatments to hit the market and improving existing therapies.

“With increased clinical development and new medications coming to market, it’s imperative to understand how these treatments are working across patients in the real world,” said Dr. Carl Marci, Chief Psychiatrist and Managing Director of Mental Health and Neuroscience at OM1. “Using our vast Mental Health and Neuroscience Network with deep clinical data allows for optimal and personalized treatment plans for patients, ultimately driving improved care and outcomes.”

The Mental Health and Neuroscience Real-World Data Network, which already includes a robust dataset focused on major depressive disorder and treatment resistant depression, will further expand to include anxiety disorders in the coming months. To learn more about the largest Mental Health and Neuroscience data network in the U.S., please email

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