OXIO’s TaaS Platform expands to connect M2M and IoT Devices Globally

  • M2M businesses can access a single, easy-to-use platform for global machine connectivity
  • OXIO offers powerful visualizations and dashboards to track and manage data around device behavior in near real-time, including consumption and malicious usage
  • Growth in applications such as asset tracking, telemedicine and fleet management are expected to increase the size of the cellular M2M market to $42.14 billion by 2028

OXIO, the leading telecom-as-a-service (TaaS) platform, today announced a global expansion to serve multinational M2M customers in North America for their connectivity needs across the world.

OXIO now provides reliable connectivity to M2M and IoT devices across 800 networks in over 180 countries. The company has seen tremendous success in Mexico by enabling reliable and secure transactions at point-of-sale terminals throughout the country. With this global expansion, M2M companies can take advantage of resilient network coverage via one intuitive cloud-based platform and alleviate the need to work with multiple vendors across different countries.

“Companies continue to seek smarter and more efficient ways to connect and manage their M2M devices and systems, but the legacy telecom model was not built to be tailored to their use cases,” said Nicolas Girard, OXIO’s founder and CEO. “That’s why OXIO takes a technology-first approach to telecom, giving companies the ability to manage, change and monitor their network from our turnkey platform. We remove the ‘local’ element of telecom, enabling our customers to blend carriers and build a borderless global network suited to their needs with reliable, expansive and cost-effective coverage for their devices.”

The cellular M2M market is poised for substantial growth, driven by the surge in 4G and 5G technology adoption. This growth is facilitated by a wide range of applications, including asset tracking, telemedicine and fleet management. Reports anticipate the market growing from $14.39 billion in 2023 to $17.87 billion in 2024, and by 2028, it is expected that the market will grow to $42.14 billion. Cellular M2M market support is needed for the expanding applications of M2M in healthcare, smart agriculture solutions, automotive and the increasing adoption of 5G technology.

OXIO Offers a Flexible, Cost-Effective Solution with Powerful Data Visualizations

M2M businesses face significant challenges due to the inflexibility of traditional telecom models. Their typical fragmented approach makes it difficult for companies to understand device behavior at a global level, and reliance on single MNOs for connectivity leaves devices vulnerable to downtime during network outages or in areas with poor coverage, leading to revenue losses and dissatisfaction among customers and employees alike.

OXIO liberates organizations from navigating country-specific regulations, contracts and operator relationships in favor of one global partner. Using one unified, user-friendly platform, M2M businesses can streamline device connectivity deployment and management, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and regulatory hurdles.

In making security a priority, OXIO has implemented detailed data monitoring features, empowering M2M businesses to safeguard sensitive information, identify fraud and reduce malicious use of device SIM cards and data allowances.

With advanced features including comprehensive visualizations and dashboards, OXIO offers unparalleled visibility and control at a global scale. M2M users have the ability to monitor and track device behavior and consumption in near real-time, with the ability to self-manage and deactivate lines as needed. Additionally, OXIO offers flexible and customizable plans and billing, including data pooling, as well as global SIM provisioning, empowering M2M organizations to allocate data efficiently, scale at speed and reduce costs.

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