Roadwork’s Scraper.AI to Make Web-scraping Easy with Algorithms

Scraper.AI got launched, focusing on making web scraping as easy as possible with innovative features and algorithms.

Web scraping has always been a process where multiple hours were required to get something extracted. And even then, it did not always extract the correct information. This has now changed with the launch of Scraper.AI which focuses on simplifying data extraction from websites. Using innovative algorithms and features Scraper.AI wants to help extracting data in the fastest and easiest way possible. Aided by its visual interface, it shows a direct preview of what is being extracted.

Some product features include:

  • Page monitoring: Data changes often, that is why can monitor changes that occur in the selection. Set up the scrape and get notified when something changes. Available hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Paginated scraping: Scraping a list with multiple pages becomes very effortless with its pagination feature. The only thing left to do is select the next page button, will do the rest.
  • Scrape pages that require authentication: Is the required data only available after logging in? No problem, it is made possible to extract this data anyhow.
  • Get notified: Change is important, that is why notifications are sent when something has changed. Notifications can be email notifications or webhooks.
  • Logs and screenshots: Transparency is key, that is why the scraper’s actions and logs are shown. Get access to a full book of logs and screenshots of the scraped web pages.
  • Recipes: Setting up a scraper for many similar web pages is time consuming. With recipes re-usable scraping profiles can be created that can be applied to many pages at once. To get started even faster, public recipes are available.
  • Export: The extracted data can be exported to a large number of formats, including: API, JSON, RSS, XML, Excel

Get started for free at or get more information at and social media channels (@scraper_ai)

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