Tamr announced its partnership with Google Cloud

Tamr’s partnership with Google Cloud shaping the future of data and AI in industries

Tamr Inc. (“Tamr”), the leader in AI-powered data products, is proud to announce its partnership with Google Cloud to launch Data & AI Cloud for Industries, starting with Data & AI Cloud for Marketing. This collaboration brings together easy access to the most relevant data, best-in-class analytics and AI/ML capabilities, accelerators and an ecosystem of partners and connectivity.

Data & AI Cloud for Marketing will enable customers to get more business value from data in the cloud with less overhead. Data & AI Cloud for Marketing covers a range of use cases, including marketing spend optimization, creative content generation and activation, personalization/segmentation, privacy-centric data sharing and collaboration, and customer 360 use cases, accelerating time to value on the cloud.

Google Cloud’s analytics portfolio of products, including BigQuery, forms the basis of Data & AI Cloud for Marketing. Tamr’s integration with BigQuery provides customers with AI-powered data products that provide clean, consolidated, and curated data without requiring complex setup or manual effort. Organizations benefit from Tamr’s integrated, turn-key solution that combines AI/ML with humans-in-the-loop, a low-code/no-code environment, and integrated data enrichment to streamline operations. The outcome is higher quality data, faster and with less manual work.

“In partnership with Google Cloud, we’re making it easier for marketers to get the data they need to do more with less and hit their targets while staying within budget,” said Matt Holzapfel, Head of Corporate Strategy at Tamr. “With Tamr’s template-based data products, prebuilt with enrichment, and Google Cloud capabilities, marketers can deliver a high-quality customer experience powered by complete, accurate data.”

The combination of Tamr’s expertise in unifying large amounts of disparate data sources quickly and accurately with Google Cloud’s expansive cloud offerings will transform how marketers approach their data as a product. Marketers can make better decisions faster while saving time and money to focus on what matters most.

“We’re excited about choosing Tamr for our integration with Google’s BigQuery,” said Marshall Worster, Senior Director, Enterprise Transformation at Novocure. “Tamr’s revolutionizing our approach to data management— increasing speed, enhancing accuracy, and bolstering confidence in our data management processes to advance our mission of providing the best care possible for our patients.”

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