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Tickeron Introduces AI-Powered Forex Trading Analysis Tool With Pre-Calculated Odds of Success

Tickeron, an artificial and human intelligence platform delivering unparalleled trading insights and analysis, uses revolutionary features Intraday Pattern Feed and Trend Prediction Engine to provide investors with unprecedented Forex currency knowledge through scanning the markets to find trading patterns and trends with high odds of success.

With high amounts of movement and liquidity, Forex trading can present enormous risk for investors who are not knowledgeable about the markets and ready to hedge their positions. The factors that influence Forex trading, such as international politics and news events, are so numerous that it is nearly impossible for a self-directed investor to keep up. Artificial intelligence allows these investors access to the same information as large institutions and affords them the ability to be a real participant in Forex currency trading.

Some of the most valuable information for retail investors in Forex trading are currency patterns and trends. The Intraday Pattern Feed simplifies pattern trading by scanning pairs of Forex currencies to find entry and exit prices within minutes. Users can select various time increments for Tickeron technology to search the market for patterns and predict target prices, confidence levels and other statistics. Through artificial intelligence, Intraday Pattern Feed will then do the work of backtesting the pattern and developing information about a potential Forex trade.

Founded by Sergey Savastiouk, who serves as the company’s CEO, Tickeron is a subscription-based market intelligence platform providing industry news and artificial intelligence-generated predictions to assist users with trading decisions. The Intraday Pattern Feed and the Trend Prediction Engine work together to deliver pattern trading insight for the self-directed investor that is impossible without artificial intelligence.

“With the Intraday Pattern Feed and Trend Prediction Engine, using artificial intelligence to trade Forex currency is made significantly simpler,” said Savastiouk. “Retail traders and independent investment advisors can use the same technology as Wall Street firms to find patterns early.”

This technology can also provide insight on the percentage of outcomes that confirm successful trade signals in the past, known as the pattern’s Odds of Success. Pre-calculated through backtesting, this information enables users to make informed decisions about the pattern using artificial intelligence’s predictions.

“This technology takes the time and guesswork out of Forex trading by allowing artificial intelligence to provide the user with the data they need to make a currency trade,” said Savastiouk.

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