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Top Information Security Jobs

With Information Security riding in the forefront, it becomes an obvious choice for a stellar career. Learn what the top garners of this game are.

Information Security has now become one of the top most concerning elements that organizations need to focus on. With the onset of the pandemic, people were forced to work from remote corners of the world, from their homes, without the availability of proper (secure) devices and accessories, to carry out their businesses. Now, as employees went remote, the access they had to the company assets and information also became a little difficult to monitor and keep track of. Which is what also set off the cyber criminals to unleash their wrath of attacks and infiltration tactics into the organizational assets.

Every company has some data that is confidential and can cause a ton of damage to the organization if leaked. Now, this information is not necessarily illegal, but it is confidential in terms of the ownership and authority to access. For example, employee data and records. Organizations often have employee records dating far back in time and containing private information such as account details, email addresses, postal address, contact information, etc. This information, if compromised with, can prove to be quite some hazard for the company as well as its workforce. Which is why it is extremely important to keep the information of the company, extremely confidential and secured.

Now as important as it is to integrate a suitable information security system within the organization, it is equally or maybe more important to have a robust information security team in place.

It is a rapidly growing industry that is always on the lookout for a highly skilled workforce that is well-equipped to lead a career in information security. There are various different types of jobs available in this industry that job-seekers can choose from according to their area of interests.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics employment for information security analysts is expected to grow 31% by 2029, much higher than average for other jobs.

What are the top 5 information security jobs?

  • Information Security Manager

As an Information Security Manager, you will be responsible for collaborating with the information security team for remediation of security issues, adding validation, and developing strategies and approaches to better curb the security threats and vulnerabilities. In this role, an employee would need to have a thorough understanding of how the information security threats and attacks work in order to develop response and event management tactics. 

  • Information Security Analyst

In the role of an Information Security Analyst, the candidate is expected to analyze the security protocols and policies of the company to come up with the most appropriate and required system that will help secure the network from infiltrating the company assets and in turn, information. As an Information Security Analyst, you would be required to ferret out the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the organizational security ecosystem, and find better ways to protect it.

  • Information Security Tester

Information Security Testers are required to have knowledge and understanding operating systems, testing tools, compliance practices, and risk, SDLC methodologies. In the role of an Information Security Tester, you will have to carry out penetration testing activities along with vulnerabilities assessments in order to identify any gaps in the information security system and approach. It is important for Information Security Testers to know the procedures of the infosec tools and recommend fixes and security patches.

  • Information Security Consultant

As an Information Security Consultant, a candidate is required to work with the clients and understand their infosec requirements, to come up with prioritization recommendations and incident classification. Information Security Consultants are responsible for assisting customers in fully optimizing their SEIM system capabilities, as well as working alongside  the assigned Managed Services SIEM resources to ensure the client’s customized solution is functioning optimally and continuously tuned to the client’s needs.

  • Forensic Expert

Forensic Experts are professionals that are trained and have expertise in the area of assessing the breaches and identifying its cause(s). Organizations hire forensic experts to examine the crime scene and ascertain how it is that the breach took place and who is responsible for perpetuating the act. Handling electronic evidence and meticulously tracing back the steps of the attacker are all a part of the job of a forensic expert.

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