Ultima Genomics Announces Collaboration with 10x Genomics

Ultima Genomics, Inc. and 10x Genomics today announced a collaboration to integrate use of the 10x Genomics Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression solutions with Ultima’s advanced ultra-high throughput sequencing systems.  As part of the 10x Compatible Partner Program, the parties will provide researchers with streamlined, cost-effective workflows to enable the interrogation of gene expression in single cells at greater scale.

10x Genomics’ Single Cell solutions enable researchers to understand the full complexity of biology on a cell-by-cell basis through a variety of applications. The combination of Ultima’s sequencing platform with 10x Genomics’ leading single cell technologies will provide customers the opportunity to analyze samples more cost effectively or interrogate larger and more complex single cell libraries, leading to valuable new insights that may only be revealed through scale. Initial data produced by the companies show similar performance to existing sequencing technologies, demonstrating the potential utility for higher throughput applications.

“We believe that Ultima’s sequencing technology, based on a new architecture designed to enable sequencing at a fraction of the cost of other technologies, will provide customers the flexibility to analyze more single cell samples or perform larger and more comprehensive studies” said Doron Lipson, Chief Scientific Officer of Ultima Genomics. “We are pleased to partner with 10x Genomics to help unleash the power of scale in single cell analysis and accelerate genomic discovery.” 

“We’re excited to welcome Ultima Genomics to the 10x Compatible Partner Program and to validate our leading Chromium single-cell assays on Ultima sequencers,” said Edwin Hauw, Vice President of Marketing at 10x Genomics. “We share a belief that enabling more single cell analysis at lower cost and higher scale is key to accelerating research and ultimately advancing human health. The validation of Chromium assays on Ultima sequencers is another way we’re working to make single cell analysis more accessible and routine for researchers around the world.”

Scientists and researchers interested to learn more about running the 10x Genomics Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression solutions on Ultima Genomics sequencing platforms can find more information at 

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