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IoT Transportation Leader Geotab Partners With Lytx

The Surfsight AI-12 camera solution is available on the Geotab Marketplace as part of Geotab’s new Order Now program

Geotab Extend 2021 – Geotab, a global leader in IoT and connected transportation, together with Lytx®, a global leader and pioneer of video telematics, announced today the availability of an integrated camera solution from Surfsight™ on the Geotab Marketplace. Enabling customers to access unprecedented visibility, the Surfsight AI-12 camera solution is specifically designed to help improve fleet safety through its continuous recording and advanced machine vision (MV) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Announced at Geotab Extend 2021, this new offering is the first to be available as part of Geotab’s new Order Now program which will allow customers to seamlessly expand their Geotab solution at the click of a button.

Offered by Lytx, the Surfsight video technology seamlessly integrates with Geotab’s award winning telematics platform, providing fleets with access to a robust dashboard camera solution that offers unparalleled insight into risky driver behavior through a combination of MV+AI, sensors, and live video streaming. The Surfsight AI-12 offers more than a simple dashcam with distracted driving detection, audio and visual alerts and the ability to connect auxiliary cameras.

The Surfsight AI-12’s advanced MV+AI technology can help identify risky driving behaviors including smoking, eating and drinking, handheld device use, unbelted driver and distracted driver. When connected with Geotab’s GO9 device, it can also capture video evidence of sudden acceleration, sharp turns, and harsh braking. Through access to these insights, fleets can help prevent avoidable accidents and in turn reduce the likelihood of driver or pedestrian injury, insurance claims, maintenance costs and unnecessary downtime.

“Many fleet managers today are utilizing multiple technologies and looking for ways to streamline management, without sacrificing quality,” said Brandon Nixon, Chairman and CEO at Lytx. “This integration allows fleets to easily leverage two best-in-class fleet technologies together in a seamless interface. We are excited that the Surfsight AI-12 dashcam system will be the first solution offered through Geotab’s new Order Now program. Through this offering, Geotab customers will be enabled to quickly and easily get started with a solution that can help take their safety, productivity and efficiency to the next level.”

“The addition of the Surfsight integrated video solution on the Geotab Marketplace opens the door to new possibilities in fleet management through increased visibility for Geotab-equipped fleets,” said Neil Cawse, CEO of Geotab. “The seamless integration with MyGeotab allows customers to access a quality camera solution with the click of a button that in turn utilizes video and artificial intelligence to help improve fleet safety measures within a telematics platform that they are confident using.”

As the first solution available through the new Geotab Order Now program, customers can purchase the Surfsight camera solution directly from within the MyGeotab platform, which will then be fulfilled by an Authorized Geotab Reseller. In order to provide customers with a streamlined and unified experience, Geotab will provide ongoing technical support for the Surfsight offering and additional third-party solutions that join the program.

“We are excited to offer Surfsight as the first Order Now solution on the Marketplace. Through the streamlined Order Now program, customers can place orders directly from within MyGeotab and benefit from a more seamless fulfillment process,” added Cawse. “Solutions that join the Order Now program are deeply integrated with the Geotab platform to allow for a comfortable user experience while providing strong, added value to the Geotab telematics solution.”

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