Libre Wireless & Knowles allies on their Voice AI & Microphones

Libre Wireless Technologies, Inc., a leading embedded Wireless Voice/AI solutions provider, today announced a strategic alliance with Knowles Corporation to jointly promote and market their unique “MAVID” platforms (Multiprotocol-Audio-Voice-IoT-Devices). These industry leading solutions feature miniature size and low power mic-to-cloud edge computing and now with optimized Knowles Corporation Micro-acoustic Microphones and Speaker technology, bring even more value to smart product makers.

With voice interface and control quickly becoming a familiar and preferred method of interface for smart products, Brands and smart product developers need scalable options to enable voice across their entire product lines. The MAVID family now enables fully certified cloud-based voice solutions with WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee options all the way down to simple local voice control – no network or cloud required. Through the collaboration with Knowles, these solutions are “complete” delivering the latest in microphone and audio/voice processing technology delivering an optimized solution in a much quicker time to market. These solutions integrate the complexities of voice and with Libre’s acoustic lab and experience tuning and optimizing voice applications, the product development process for integrating voice is greatly simplified and presents very little risk.

The two featured solutions with Knowles include the MAVID 3M and the new MAVID Voice solutions. MAVID Voice is a unique low-cost local voice solution enabling voice interface and control without the complexity of a wireless network or cloud setup. It greatly simplifies both development and the customer experience but delivers the convenience of voice control to many new product categories. With Libre’s SDK and voice firmware tools, custom wake words, languages and voice control features are easily customized and integrated into the system. Custom solutions can be integrated in a matter of days now. With no need for WiFi or BLE connectivity there are no recurring charges for cloud services. All voice performance and tuning is undertaken by Libre allowing for a ‘light-touch’ approach for the customer. MAVID Voice also allows support for device control peripherals including UART, SPI, I2C and GPIO. Ideal for domestic appliances, machines and devices with limited set off controls. A POC and demo platform is available on request.

MAVID 3M is a low cost IoT module with WiFi, BLE and AVS or Local Voice control. With MAVID 3M embedded within a product, a user can control 3rd party devices over voice as well as from remote locations. Along with Integrated wireless, it has the necessary Voice DSP delivering the near and far field detection also including advanced acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction. This extremely low power voice solution is ideally placed for battery operated device. ODMs/OEMs can take advantage of a comprehensive SDK with peripheral access, AWS Cloud APIs, allowing customization without a big investment and support. The standard SDK also supports “Over The Air” fleet update and fleet provisioning options.

Knowles Corporation is a market leader and global provider of advanced micro-acoustic microphones and speakers, audio processing, and precision device solutions. The alliance partnership between both companies will leverage Knowles’ expertise in voice-activation control, and far-field speech recognition combined with Libre’s MAVID 3M and Voice platform solutions to create a best-in-class package to meet the growing demands for voice control in smart speakers, smart home devices, connected appliances and more.

“The demand for voice control in all aspects of our lives is growing fast and Knowles’ powerful suite of standard solutions make it easier for manufacturers to quickly and efficiently add voice capabilities to any device, thereby, shortening product development cycle times,” said Vikram Shrivastava, senior director, IoT Marketing at Knowles. “Device manufacturers need high-quality, broad market embedded solutions to bring these capabilities to market quickly and scale to keep up with the fast-evolving way that we are living, working, and communicating with smart products. Together with Libre we look forward to enabling voice innovation in the IoT market.”

“Expanding Libre’s unique MAVID family platforms into broader IoT and AI applications is a strategic activity and a top priority at Libre,” says Jordan Watters, Chief Executive Officer of Libre Wireless Technologies. “Working with a market leader such as Knowles for voice input/processing will create unique, best-in-class turn-key solutions for easy integration of voice into next generations of consumer products. We’ve leveraged Knowles’ audio and voice integration expertise to create a powerful suite of standard solutions for different applications to make it fast and easy for manufacturers to quickly and efficiently add speech recognition and voice capabilities to devices and get to market in a fraction of the time.”

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